SOCAR Publicizes Volume of Oil Export in January to March 2007

Oil&Gas Materials 3 April 2007 14:01 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, /corr Trend S.Aliyev / From January to March 2007 the Marketing and Economic Operations Department (MEPD) of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) exported 488,247 tons of oil products.

SOCAR reported that oil exported in March constituted 195,000 tons of oil products against 152,836 tons in February.

In March most of the export was from diesel oil, which made up 119,986 tons, gasoline 26,776 tons, jet kerosene 42,539 tons, lubricating oil 1,385 tons and 4,212 tons of bitumen.

The most expensive oil product in March was petrol, which cost $613.40 per ton against $535.8 in February. The jet kerosene cost $545 against $514 in February. The price of mazut was $482.72.

In 2006, SOCAR exported 2,925,700 mln tons of oil products.

The comparative table of export oil products of SOCAR (in ths tons):

Oil product March 2007 Ths per ton January to March 2007Ths. per ton
Diesel oil 119,986 341,285
Mazut 0
Gasoline 26,776 42,459
Aviation kerosene 42,539 94,178
Lubricating oil 1,385 3,113
Bitumen 4,212 7,212