Number of GЙ™ncSim Azercell TeleСЃom to reach 122,000.

ICT Materials 29 June 2006 17:40 (UTC +04:00)

The grandiose show devoted to the first anniversary of GencSim tariff scale offered by Azercell Telecom JV to its young subscribers took place ON 28 June, the company told Trend. Famous Turkish singer Mustafa Sandal performed at the show together with Azerbaijani singers held in Seaside Park. Hundreds of policemen led by Yashar Aliyev, deputy chief of Main Baku Police Department, kept order on the concert, which was attended by thousands of people. Owing to their efforts, the concert passed without any incidents.

While opening the show, its presenter rap singer Elshad Khose welcomed people gathered at the Seaside Park. He sang the song devoted to GencSim subscribers together with Jamila, former participant of reality show Gafas, which has no analogue on the Azerbaijani television space and broadcast by ATV television channel.

Azad Ragimov, Minister of Youth and Sports, and A. Halim Atesh, Azercell Telecom JV General Director, stressed the Azerbaijani governments care for young people and a special role that Azercell Telecom JV plays in this generous act. Atesh said that at present there are 122,000 GencSim subscribers and their number constantly grows, because Azercell offers GencSim subscribers incredible privileges for usage of SMS, MMS and GPRS services.

GencSim subscribers pay only 8 units for 1 SMS, 3 units for 10 kb WAP/internet and 40 units for 1 MMS. As compared with SimSim tariffs, this means 27%, 25% and 20% discount. GencSim tariff scale also envisages discounts for weekend calls - the subscribers pay 3 units for each 4 seconds of call on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition, every month GencSim subscribers receive gifts: every month they could use 15 SMS, 2 MMS and 500 kb WAP/internet free of charge. From March 1 to August 31, 2006 price for 1 MMS is equal to the price for 1 SMS or 8 units for GencSim subscribers.