Microsoft Invites Hackers to Test Vista

Iran Materials 7 August 2006 12:36 (UTC +04:00)

(Zaman) - Microsoft, one of the worlds most ubiquitous companies, unveiled a plan to fortify Vista, their new product, against attacks that could compromise bank account numbers and other sensitive information.

Microsoft is inviting some of the world's best-known computer experts to fix the security weakness in the new generation communication system. It distributed a trial version of the product to 3,000 security professionals, reports Trend.

"We're here to show our work, you need to touch it and feel it, Andrew Cushman, one of the security directors of Microsoft, said at the Black Hat security conference.

Jon Callas, chief technology officer at PGP said, "They are going to people who don't like them, say nasty things, and have the incentive to find the things that are wrong."