Last week review (28.03- 1.04.2011)

Analysis Materials 5 April 2011 11:47 (UTC +04:00)

March 28

• Azerbaijani Railways has changed timetable of trans in northern direction

March 29

• Azerbaijan expands air connection with Ukraine
• KfW first vice president arrived in Azerbaijan
• Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences expanded scientific computer network at regional level

March 30

• Staff changes at Finance Ministry of Azerbaijan

March 31

• World Bank has revised structure of financing third irrigation project in Azerbaijan
• PwC conducted a seminar on internal auditing in Azerbaijan
• Azerbaijan and India discuss development of trade and economic relations
• Baku hosts discussions on ways to encourage investments in development of innovative technologies

April 1

• Law on compulsory insurance was recommended to be considered by Parliament
• Price reduction was recorded for some food products in Azerbaijan
• Fitch confirmed rating of four Azerbaijani banks
• Interactive training system was created in Azerbaijan
• Azerbaijani President has allocated funds for construction of new schools in Bulbula and Keshle settlements and new hospital in Ahmedli settlement