Foreign trade of Azerbaijan (January-February 2011)

Analysis Materials 9 April 2011 15:06 (UTC +04:00)

In January-February 2011, Azerbaijan's foreign trade turnover with 102 countries comprised $4717.1 million or an increase of 23.70 percent compared to January-February 2010. The amount of export increased by 9.20% as compared to last year and comprised $3389.6mln, while import increased 87.15%, totaling $1327.5mln. Azerbaijan exported 775 types of goods and imported 3,833. During the reported period, the indicator of export exceeded the indicator of import and thus, the black ink of import-export operations amounted to $2062.1mln.

Like previous years, the main item of Azerbaijan's export was oil and oil products.

Exports of crude oil and petroleum products, natural gas and electricity in January-February 2011



Cost , ths USD

Crude oil (indicators of counter)

6723161,6 тонн



- via ВТС

5477879,2 тонн


- Baku-Supsa

678813,8 тонн


- Baku-Novorossiysk

374159,0 тонн


- via railway

192309,6 тонн


Crude oil (according to customs declarations)

4285558,7 тонн


Oil products

257018,5 тонн


Natural gas (according to indicators of counter)

1430818,3 тыс куб м


Natural gas (according to customs declarations)

417713,7 тыс куб м


Electricity (according to indicators of counter)

48504,4 тыс кВт/с


Electricity (according to customs declarations)

33898,3 тыс кВт/с


Source: State Statistics Committee

The largest volume of export in January-February 2011 accounted for the Far East. In January-February 2011, this indicator totaled $3012.8 million. Azerbaijan exported goods amounting to $376.7mln (11.1% out of the total volume of the country's export) to the CIS countries. Azerbaijan exported to CIS fuel, oil products, bitumen minerals, fruits, animal and vegetable oil and other.

In January-February 2011, Azerbaijan imported goods amounting to $420.8mln (31.6% out of the total volume of the country's import) from the CIS countries. CIS exported to Azerbaijan grains, ferrous metal, equipment and mechanical rigs.

Thus, the black ink of import-export operations with CIS countries amounted to $44.1mln.

The share of public sector in exports made up $3230.7mln (95.3%), private sector held $146.9mln (4.3%). The share of export operations by physical entities comprised $11.8mln (0.3%).

In the import operations, 39.5 percent or $525.2 million accounted for the public sector, 55.9 percent or $742.4 million - private and 4.5 percent or $59.8 million - the share of individuals.

In total, 2,673 legal entities (1,783) and physical entities (890) participated in the foreign trade operations.

In January-February 2011, the Far East countries exported to Azerbaijan goods totaling $906.6mln.