Egyptian Authorities Deport 350 Palestinians

Israel Materials 19 February 2008 15:37 (UTC +04:00)

Israel, Jerusalem / Trend corr. R.Abdullayev / A high ranking source of the Egyptian Security Service reported the deportation of over 350 Palestinians from the territory of Sinai after the opening of the border by the HAMAS terrorists, NEWSRU reported. The uncontrolled penetration of Palestinians to Egypt and visa versa continued for several days and later the border was closed as a result of close cooperation by the HAMAS militants.

"The border passage Salahaddin was opened and Palestinians were taken to Rafiakh by bus and to the Gaza sector, Reuters reported.

Earlier, the Egyptian law departments reported that they managed to detain over 500 Palestinians, who were deployed in the youth hostel in El-Arish for deportation. "The remaining Palestinians will be deported to their homeland within the next few hours," the Egyptian security services reported.

Recently, Palestinians who remained in Egypt promised to commit self-immolation should the Egyptian authorities not permit them to return to the Gaza sector.

According to the Palestinians, they are living in very bad conditions and most people require medical services. However, the Egyptian authorities do not meet their requirements. One of the Palestinians stated that the Egyptian authorities undertake tough measures against the people who remained in Sinai after the borders were closed.