Action Near Ukrainian Parliamentary Building Is of Provocative Character: Cabinet of Ministers

Other News Materials 13 November 2008 13:15 (UTC +04:00)

Ukraine, Kiev, 13 November / Trend corr. Z.Novosvitskiy / On 12 November an action near the building of the Ukrainian Parliament was of provocative character, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers said.

"Representatives of the Kiev Mayor Leonid Chernovetski, who picketed against the government in Grushev St., demanded immediately to raise fares at the capital metro. Their rivals from Social Party demanded immediately to cut tariffs. Moreover, political forces used the same microphone and audio equipment, which they handed each other friendly during provocation, and the same rhetoric," the organization said.

Fares at the public transport of Kiev were raised at the beginning of November. Thus, fares rose four times - to 2 hryvna (about $0.33) per one trip and train at ground communal transport - three times - to 1.5hryvna (about $0.25) per one trip. 

"Both Chernovetski and Social Party Blocs blamed the government for rise of tariffs in the Kiev Metro and at the same time, for absence of such rise. It is difficult for a normal man to understand similar "coincidence" of demands. However, both political forces targeted to create a great racket near the Cabinet of Ministers on any pretext," The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers said.

Participants of the action got prizes from its organizers, the state body said.

"The Ukrainian Government does not have to do with rise of fares at the Kiev Metro and will not allow to different rascals and adventurers to defame the Cabinet of Ministers," the Cabinet of Ministers said.

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