Moldova election commission warns Communists to pay ad bills

Other News Materials 18 March 2009 17:14 (UTC +04:00)

Moldova's top election monitoring agency warned the ruling Communist party to pay its political advertising bills or face legal action, the Infotag news agency reported Wednesday.

Moldova's Communists currently hold a two-third majority in parliament, with new elections set for April 5, reported dpa.

The Communist Party of Moldova was ignoring invoices for advertising in the national newspaper Kommunist, and if the bill is not cleared the party could face a lawsuit, an official at Moldova's Central Election Commission (CEC) said.

The CEC warning to the Communists came after representatives of the centre-right Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM) filed a complaint with the CEC alleging the Communists were receiving free political advertising, a violation of Moldovan election law.

The Communists received free advertising in the daily Kommunist, one of Moldova's largest-circulation newspapers, for more than two months, according to the DPM complaint.

Other opposition parties have alleged police in recent weeks have confiscated anti-Communist brochures and posters, and attempted to intimidate opposition candidates, a charge denied by Moldova's Interior Ministry.

A total 21 parties will be on the ballot in Moldova's upcoming election. The ruling Communists face a tough fight to retain control of the country's government, but dissention among opposition parties makes a removal of the Communists from power unlikely, political observers say.