UK opposition Labour to vote on Brexit stance

Other News Materials 23 September 2019 02:56 (UTC +04:00)

Britain’s Labour Party will on Monday decide between two possible Brexit policies: to campaign to remain in the European Union at a second referendum or defer a decision on what stance to take until after an election, reports Trend citing to Reuters.

The unexpected decision to put two possible policies to a vote of Labour members underlines the internal splits in the party over Brexit.

A large number of party members and even some senior policy advisers prefer to campaign for remain, while others, including leader Jeremy Corbyn, want to delay the decision, wary of alienating ‘Leave’ supporting Labour members.

The two policies are the result of an administrative process which took account of members views at the party’s annual conference in the English seaside resort of Brighton. The process had been expected to produce a single motion for approval by the party at a vote on Monday, but there was not a consensus and two motions were proposed instead.

They will both be put to a vote on Monday, and it is possible both could be approved, adding uncertainty to a Brexit stance that polling shows many voters already find confusing.