Chairman of Georgia's Parliament told Ukraine bitter truth

Other News Materials 5 December 2006 16:10 (UTC +04:00)

(ForUm) - The Chairman of Georgia's Parliament Nino Burdjanadze advices Ukrainians not to be afraid of building Ukraine without Russian help, reports Trend.

One thing, I want to tell, concerns me. There is an impression that not all Ukrainians understand the importance of their State. Let my dear Ukrainian brothers and sisters forgive me, but I tell it with all my heart, being upset with the situation, Burdjanadze said.

Once the Head of the Georgia's Parliament was participating in one of live broadcast programs on the Ukrainian television and someone during the phone calls suggested How will we, Ukrainians, build our State without Russia. How can we live without Russian help?

On this occasion Burdjanadze expressed her belief that Ukraine can be a worthy member of the European family. Understand me correctly; I don't call upon to stop friendly relations with Russia. On the contrary, you should be in good relations with Russia, though as should we. But you are the great country. Why don't you believe in your own power? Of course, it's not about all of you. I address to that small part that doubts Ukraine can be a worthy member of the European family, she emphasized.

Despite those who don't believe in Ukraine, I consider you have great future and you can build you country by yourself, Burdjanadze added.