Ukraine's president does not hasten to unite gas assets with Russian Federation

Other News Materials 2 February 2007 17:36 (UTC +04:00)


"Today we should hold polemics concerning principles of these relations, organization methods of these initiatives. I would not operate today any percentages, shares plants because all this are far from truth, the President said.

Yushchenko noted that today Ukraine and Russia do not hold intentional dialogue concerning characteristics, principles and conditions of relations formation in energy sphere, I think, for today, it is important for two parties to hold correspondent consultations in energy sphere and to form concrete proposals on these of those positions, Yushchenko said.

Yushchenko said that according to Ukrainian legislation, transport thruway is strategic asset of Ukraine and iit s under state management, that's why all concerning its modification demands careful approach. My position on this question will be based on national interests, he said.