Upper house speaker: no war possible between Russia and Ukraine

Photo: Upper house speaker: no war possible between Russia and Ukraine / Politics

A war between Russia and Ukraine is impossible, speaker of the Russian Federation Council upper parliament house Valentina Matviyenko told the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyev programme aired by the Russia 1 television channel late on Sunday, ITAR-TASS reported.

According to Matviyenko, the mere word "war" was "absolutely unacceptable in relations between Ukraine and Russia." "No war is ever possible between us, we are brotherly peoples, we are part of the Slavic world," she stressed.

"The latest development in Ukraine give rise not only to concern but to the most serious worries," she noted, adding that that was why in line with its authority under the Russian constitution the Federation Council "passed a resolution authorizing the Russian president to use the Russian armed forces outside Russia, in particular, in Ukraine, until the socio-political situation is stabilized." She grounded this decision by saying that the developments in Ukraine, where millions of Russian speakers lived, were unfolding "swiftly and unpredictably," and there was "a real threat to human lives."

"Russia cannot stand aloof, it cannot be indifferent, pretending that it is no concern of it. It is impossible at this point," Matviyenko said. "So, we thought it necessary to furnish the president with the entire arsenal of possible measures and took this decision.

No loans for Ukraine until the appearence of legitimate authorities

Matviyenko added that Russia will extend no loans to Ukraine until the latter has legitimate authorities. "Ukraine's biggest problem today is that the country is actually a bankrupt, its economy has collapsed," she said.

"In these conditions we, of course, must offer help to Crimea and other regions with Russian population and to the Ukrainian brotherly people as well. But unless Ukraine has legitimate authorities, we cannot speak about multibillion loans under the agreements we have," she noted, adding that "it is another question."

She vowed that Russia would never give up or abandon its compatriots and said that Russia had a "special humanitarian mission in Ukraine.

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