IRI Supreme Leader calls for preservation of national unity in Pakistan

Photo: IRI Supreme Leader calls for preservation of national unity in Pakistan / Iran

Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Wednesday highlighted the need to counter those acting against national unity in Pakistan, IRNA reported.

"Many problems facing Muslim Ummah are artificial and caused by enemies of Islam. Reviving human, natural, and geographical talents of the world of Islam would be effective in tackling such problems," said the Supreme Leader.

Ayatollah Khamenei said promotion of relations among Muslim states is the second key factor for settlement of problems facing Muslim nations.

The Supreme Leader touched on deep rooted bonds between Iran and Pakistan, saying, "We seriously believe that economic, infrastructural, political, social and security relations between the two countries should be strengthened."

Referring to Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project as an important sample of Tehran-Islamabad cooperation, Ayatollah Khemenei said enemies are now targeting expansion of bilateral relations.

Saying that a safe and durable energy source is of top importance for any country, including Pakistan, Ayatollah Khamenei noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country of the region that enjoys security and abundant energy source and "We are ready to meet Pakistan's need in this concern."

The Ayatollah warned against attempts to fuel division and religious difference in Pakistan. "The religious massacre in Pakistan is really regretful which should be strongly encountered. The issue should not be allowed to damage national unity in Pakistan."

Assuring the Pakistani government that the problem would be solved, the Supreme Leader said, "We hope your government would be successful in consolidating religious and ethnic unity as well as progress of Pakistan."

Zardari, for his part, voiced great pleasure with his meeting with the Iranian Supreme Leader and said, "We deeply believe in expansion of bilateral relations."

He said international and regional players are vainly trying to prevent promotion of Iran-Pakistan relations because nations have learnt how to act against enemies of Islam.

Zardari said triggering internal conflicts is a plot hatched by enemies of Pakistan. "In light of His Excellency's prayers we would not allow the plot to be materialized."

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