More 3 ton of narcotic drugs seized in southeast Iran

Photo: More 3 ton of narcotic drugs seized in southeast Iran / Iran

Saravan border guard brigades destroyed two large bands of narcotic drugs traffickers, seizing 3,236 kilograms of narcotics in Siahani Heights of Sistan-o Balouchestanˈs Saravan region on Friday, IRNA reported.

ˈSaravan border guard brigadesˈ forces, relying on close cooperation of border region dwelling citizens and after launching a week-long intensive intelligence work found out that two major narcotic drug bands intended to enter a huge amount of narcotics to Iran. Therefore, they began fully monitoring the region from the air and land,ˈ said the commander of Sistan-o Balouchestan in a press conference.

Brigadier General Rohambakhsh Habibi added that the traffickers intended to enter their heavy consignment of narcotic drugs at an appropriate time through the difficult passages of Siahani Heights of Saravan into Iran, ˈbut thanks to the alertness and rapid reaction of the Iranian border guards their malicious plot was dismantled.ˈ

He said that the border guards after launching air and land ambushes, jointly launched a massive operation at the zero point of the border, got engaged in a heavy armed clash with the heavily armed smugglers, inflicted heavy losses against them, and managed to seize the huge consignment of narcotics.

Brigadier General Habibi said that a number of the smugglers got killed in the operation and some of them were wounded, who were transferred by their other colleagues to the depth of Pakistanˈs soil.

He said that in addition to over three tons of narcotics, comprised on opium, heroin, and morphine, two vehicles and two motorcycles of the traffickers were confiscated in the operation.

The top provincial commander said the full blockage of Saravan border region in the middle and northern parts of the provinceˈs borders with Pakistan that was completed relying on cooperation of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) forces, close cooperation of the brave border guard residents, and support of the government and the disciplinary forces, will soon be further intensified after the completion of the electronic border network which is currently being installed.

Brigadier General Habibi referred to the braveries of the border guards who launched the massive operation in very tough geographical conditions and in blazing hot weather, ensuring the terrorists and the traffickers that Iranˈs southeast borders are now quite impassable for them.

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