Chavez slams Israel for "brutal massacre" on aid flotilla

Photo: Chavez slams Israel for "brutal massacre" on aid flotilla / Israel

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Monday called Israel's attack on a humanitarian aid flotilla before Gaza's coastline a "brutal massacre", dpa reported.

In a statement, the left-wing populist Chavez called the attack "an act of war undertaken by the Israeli army against defenceless civilians" who were trying to break through Israel's "criminal blockade."

"Venezuela will continue to denounce the terrorist and criminal nature of Israel's government, even as it reiterates, today more than ever, its unbreakable commitment to the fight of the Palestinian people for freedom, national sovereignty and dignity," the statement said.

Venezuela broke its relations with Israel in January 2009, in protest over what it called "atrocities" committed by Israel in Lebanon.

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