UK offers Turkey help with nuclear energy

Photo: UK offers Turkey help with nuclear energy / Turkey

The UK can offer technical support to Turkey in the nuclear energy sector in exchange for more Turkish investment in the UK, said UK's Minister for Europe David Lidington on Tuesday during the opening of an energy conferererce in Ankara, the Turkish capital Anadolu Agency reported.

He said the UK recognizes Turkey as Europe's only emerging economic power with a sustainable economic growth.

The minister called on Turkish businesspeople who have now a special visa agreement to invest more in the UK.

"Britain has much to offer to Turkish businesses in all sectors both large and small. The UK can provide Turkish businesses with a springboard into Europe and to the wider world," he said.

He said the UK can provide emerging countries with search and development programs in the nuclear energy sector.

- "Turkey wants to benefit from UK's nuclear experience"

Turkey's Deputy Energy Minister Murat Mercan expressed his hope that the Ankara conference will help improve energy cooperation between the UK and Turkey.

Three quarters of Turkey's energy needs come from imports for which it pays around US$60 billion per year, said Mercan, adding "for this reason Turkey has to invest in nuclear energy."

Mercan said his country had plans to develop Turkey's nuc­lear energy cap­ab­il­ity with three or four nuc­lear power plants within the next 15 years with an invest­ment cost of £12.6bn.

Turkey's first nuke plant at country's southern Mediterranean coastal town of Akkuyu has been awar­ded to the Russian company Ros­atom who are con­trac­ted to build, own and oper­ate the plant. The second nuc­lear power plant in the Black Sea port city of Sinop is con­trac­ted to the Japanese/French con­sor­tium Mitsubishi-Areva.

The energy conference in Ankara takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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