CHP officially applies for emergency meeting

Photo: CHP officially applies for emergency meeting / Turkey

Turkey's main opposition party has called for an emergency meeting on March 18 of the Turkish Parliament after gathering more than the required number of signatures to debate the corruption allegations against four ministers which started with operations held on 17th December 2013, Anadolu Agency reported.

The Turkish Parliament is currently in recess until the local elections on March 30, but the parliamentary speaker is obliged to call the general assembly together in seven days after the Republican People's Party (CHP) collected over 132 signatures, 22 more than the required minimum.

Akif Hamzacebi, Republican People's Party (CHP) parliamentary group chairman, said at a press conference that they are waiting for the summaries about the four former ministers to be read out in the Turkish Parliament.

"The documents and files regarding the summaries should be distributed to the deputies," added Hamzacebi.

He stressed that it is unconstitutional to not read out the summaries and to not distribute the documents and files concerning the summaries to the deputies.

"The parliament speaker, who commits this crime, should be up for discussion in terms of legitimacy," said Hamzacebi.

Meanwhile, other Turkish opposition parties including the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), and Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) had stated that they would give support to CHP's emergency meeting call over the summaries.

According to the by-law of Turkish Parliament, the summaries will be read out in the general assembly then the Turkish deputies will vote by secret ballot whether to set-up a commission of inquiry within the Turkish Parliament for the summaries.

The prosecutors have sent the summaries of the proceedings concerning the four former ministers to the Turkish Parliament.

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