Azerbaijani Ecology Ministry fully controls radiation level of base stations

Azerbaijan Materials 19 October 2012 20:25 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, Oct. 19 / Trend H. Valiyev /

It is impossible to install and to use the base station and a transmitter if the radiation level of electromagnetic waves does not correspond to the established standards, Deputy Director of the Environmental Monitoring Department under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Matanat Avazova told Trend on Friday.

She said that the transmitters and base stations are examined before they are put into operation. The permission will not be given to install and to use the base station if the expert opinion is unsatisfactory.

"The environmental certificates on all transmitting stations are being developed," she said. "They reflect the existing engineering-technical data that are compared and evaluated. An organization is operating under the Ministry. It issues the environmental passports."

She added that people think that radiation emanates from base stations of mobile operators. But it is not so because the stations only emit electromagnetic waves, which are short and long. A level of electromagnetic radiation has its rules.

It is impossible to verify each base station or other transmitting devices due to the lack of human resources.

However, the Monitoring Department of the Ministry assesses the impact of the transmitting station in case of the citizens' complaints or requests.

A group operating under the Ministry has modern measuring devices for monitoring. According to the monitoring, the appropriate actions are being taken.

"Electromagnetic waves affect mainly to sensitive organisms, including animals whose life cycle can be broken when exposed to electromagnetic radiation," she said. "If electromagnetic waves had affected the human body, which is unlikely in view of the applied requirements while using them, there would be some consequences."

The radar stations are the main cause of electromagnetic radiation. However, the Supervisory Board under the Ministry assesses the impact of the radar station on the environment on the Azerbaijani territory two or three times a year.

"Refraction of electromagnetic radiation occurs in foggy and rainy days, when the living tissue, including the human body can take it as an additional impact," she said. "It is not felt in normal weather conditions. Blood pressure is often the cause of headaches, which is natural to the human body. The people with asthma may feel uncomfortable in polluted air."

One can not stop a technological progress. The civilization advances and all aspects of electromagnetic radiation are carefully studied by research institutes. These nuances are taken into account by the manufacturers of telecommunication and other technical equipment, otherwise the production would not be deployed.