Great hajj to Mecca & Madina to starts on 8 Jan

Azerbaijan Materials 27 December 2005 17:21 (UTC +04:00)

The great hajj [pilgrimage] to Mecca and Madina will start on 8 January, the Caucasus Moslem Board (CMB) told Trend.

The Gurban bayramy [holy holiday of Moslems] will start on 10 January, CMB said.

Around 2,500 Azerbaijanis annually make a hajj.

The great hajj to Mecca is the last pillar of Islam. The first pillar of Moslem is belief in the Most High Allah, the second - fivefold prayer, the third - fast in Ramadan month, the fourth - donation for poor people. The hajj month starts on 1 January. On the 9th day of this month the pilgrims gather on Arafat Mountain to address to the Allah together.

The Gurban bayramy starts on the next day. It is one of the two major holidays of Moslems set in memory of the sacrifice made by Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham).