5 Azerbaijanis Nominate their Candidacies to Russian Parliament (video)

Politics Materials 12 October 2007 14:01

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr Trend S.Agayeva / Five Azerbaijanis will weight their chances for sits at the new State Duma of Russia [Parliament].

These are representatives from political parties of Russia, including Unified Russia, the Liberal-Democratic Party, the Communist Party, who will participate in the upcoming November parliamentary elections in Russia, Ahmad Bilalov, the chairman of the Russian parliamentary committee on CIS and relations with compatriots, said in Baku on 12 October.

Candidates to MP are ethnic Azerbaijanis and Azerbaijanis who has lived in Russia for many years.

"The number of Azerbaijanis residing in Russia is sufficient and we should have more MPs at the legislative body of Russia, who could protect our rights," Bilalov said.