Baghdad Needs Discussions with Ankara – Experts

Politics Materials 28 February 2008 12:50 (UTC +04:00)
Baghdad Needs Discussions with Ankara – Experts

Azerbaijan, Baku, 28 February / Trend corr. R.Hafizoglu / The initiative of the Turkish Government to hold negotiations with Iraq serve the interests of Baghdad but not Ankara. " Baghdad needs the meeting planned by Turkey more than Ankara taking into consideration the latest crisis in Iraq," Fahim Tashtekin, a Turkish expert, stated to Trend .

According to information by the press on 25 February, the Turkish President Abdulla Gul invited President of Iraq Jalal Talabani to Turkey to discuss military operations by Turkey against the Kurd Worker's Party (PKK) in the north of Iraq.

The expert considers that if the Iraqi President will agree to visit Ankara, it may resolve a range of problems. "The former Turkish President Ahmad Nejet Sezer did not hold have meetings with officials of Iraq and Kurd leaders which worsened the crisis in the region," Tashtekin, the analytic of Turkish Radical newspaper stated by mail from Istanbul.

The expert considers that the President of Iraq and Masud Barzani, leader of the Kurd Administration in north Iraq acted abroad through the support Turkey's support and provided Turkish State passports during Saddam's leadership. "By inviting Talabani to Ankara, Turkey wants to demonstrate to the international community that the military operations in north Iraq are going into discussion and agreement conditions with Iraq," Tashtakin noted.

The demand by the Iraqi State to stop military operations in north Iraq from Turkey and to withdraw troops is nonsense. "As the US supported Turkey's military operations in north Iraq, the protest by the Iraqi State which lost its authority, makes no sense," he said.

The Iraqi expert Abdulla al-Juburi considers that the current dialogue between the countries is very important for the Iraqi government. "I do not believe that Talabani will receive the official invitation from Turkey to visit Ankara," al-Juburi, the director of Al-Iraq Press in Germany, said to Trend .

Al-Juburi believes that most Iraq officials are under the influence of the Kurds and they do not want immediate settlement to the problem. "The Iraqi Government would cooperate with Turkey in order to solve the issue connected with PKK. The establishment of a new Kurd Government on the border between Iraq and Turkey may cause danger within the region," he noted.

Rejep Tayip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, stated that the aim of the full scale military operations of the Turkish army in north Iraq cannot be considered as an occupation but a struggle against the PKK terrorists. The Iraqi State stated that the military operations of Turkish Army in north Iraq create a danger for the independence of Iraq and he demands immediate withdrawal of the army from the country.

PKK terrorists have struggled since 1984 to establish independence of the Kurd State in the south-west of Turkey.