Sabir Rustamkhanli Accuses Ilhama Guliyeva of Slandering Congress of World Azerbaijanis

Politics Materials 23 April 2008 17:43 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 23 April / corr. Trend S. Ilham Aliyev/ The chairman of Congress of World Azerbaijanis (CWA) accused Ilhama Guliyeva of slandering CWA.

"Mrs Ilhama knows that CWA is a voluntary organization, no one earns money through it, it does not bring fame or post to anybody. Slandering CWA, while being well completely aware of all these, is an act which does not suit intelligent person," Rustamkhanli said to Trend on 23 April.

CWA divided into two parts again and its administration decided to remove chairman Golamrza Sabri Tabrizi from his post and appointed Sabir Rustamkhanli to his post. Tabrizi claims it to be illegal stating that he is still the CWA chairman.

Sabir Rustamkhanli's supporters are going to hold a meeting on 24-25 May in Keln, a German city and Tabrizi's supporters - 22-23 June in Brussels ( Belgium)

Ilhama Guliyeva, the President of Academy of Culture of CWA and people's artist of Azerbaijan, accused Rustamkhanli and Tabrizi in the press conference held on 22 April. She said that both of them were elected chairmen by illegitimate way. She also said that some members of CWA are holding events in the region on behalf of the organization, but they are collecting money for themselves especially from the head of the administrative bodies. Rustamkhanli dismissed these charges and stated that CWA members have always attended organization's meetings by their own resources and did not have any interest in making profit from their services in the organization.

"There a lot of CWA members who have attended meetings and events of CWA held abroad and most of them save their money or make sacrifices for the sake of CWA. It is wrong to slander member of organization while being well-aware of it," Rustamkhanli said.

He also stated that Guliyeva can not claim that Rustamkhanli was elected by illegitimate way as she has not taken part in the last meeting of the Board. "I can not speak of Ilhama Guliyeva' repertoire on behalf of her just as she can not comment on affairs she is not aware. The document on decision of the Board concerning my appointment was circulated among all CWA members in European countries," Rustamkhanli said.

He also said that there are anonymous articles in the papers about CWA. Those who write these articles do not know anything about the organization and its administration.

Rustamkhankli said that he will not claim the post of CWA chairman and will vote for the candidate from Southern Azerbaijan in a meeting to be held on 24-25 May.

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