Several Blocs may be Established within Advisory Body of Azerbaijani Opposition Parties

Politics Materials 28 April 2008 17:09 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 28 April / corr. Trend S. Ilhamgizi/ Several blocs may be established within the Advisory Body which includes 5 parties, said Chingiz Damiroglu, the chairman of Taraggi (Progress) Party of Azerbaijan.

The opposition Democratic Party of Azerbaijan (DPA), National Independence Party of Azerbaijan (NIPA), Musavat (Equality), Taraggi, and For Azerbaijan public forum are periodically getting together to hold a meeting. The chairmen of Musavat and DPA Isa Gambar and Sardar Jalaloglu from the opposition Five will run for presidency in October. It is not yet known whether the other three leaders will be nominated for the presidential elections.

According to Damiroglu, the Five will cooperate during the presidential elections and will not hinder each other's election campaign. As there are several potential presidential candidates within the Body, the Five will not discuss the nomination of a unified candidate. "The Advisory Body can turn into the election bloc, not to one, but to several blocs. In this case, the members of the Advisory Body will have to choose the candidates themselves whom they support and they should not hinder other candidates," the chairman of Taraggi party said.

According to Damiroglu, the Taraggi party represented in the ATA bloc has nominated him for the presidential elections. However, prior to the elections Taraggi may support the candidate from the Musavat party. "We will support the Musavat party if it has the potential of becoming a strong rival to the current government but is struggling at the end," Damiroglu said.

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