Obama Not Likely to Justify Hopes of Russia for Freezing Missile Shield: TrendNews Commentator

Azerbaijan, Baku, 16 July/ Trend , corr E. Tanriverdiyeva/ Recently, the disappointment of Russia caused by the signing of agreement on the installation of radar in Czechia and almost resolved installation of US missile shield in Poland was replaced with hope.

Many assumed earlier that if the democrat Obama comes to power, the project of establishing missile shield of US near Russian borders will be frozen as it is mainly lobbied by the Republicans. More optimistic views even suggested that the democrat majority of the congressmen will freeze this project even in case of presidency of McCain, which supports missile shield.

Obama has repeatedly supported the financing of missile shield if he wins presidential elections. "I will cut down billions of useless expenditures. I will cut down investments to the untested systems of missile shield and will not deploy ammunition in the outer space," Obama said during one of his public speeches in October 2007.

The recent agreement on installing radar in Czehia caused disagreements in the Democrat party of US. This Sunday the democrats explicitly clarified the position on missile shield.

"We continue repelling Russia by different means. First of all, it is missile shield in Europe which is not a shield for the Iranian rockets," Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Forces and senator-democrat said in Si-Bi-Es TV and added that Bush Administration should end 'prodding Russia's eyes with a stick'.

According to Senator, the success of the efforts of the world community in addressing nuclear program problems of Iran depends on the position of Russia, but the efforts of US will not help to gain Russia's support.

"We should really toughen sanctions against Iran, but for this purpose we need the unity of the world community and Russia's being to be a part of this confrontation, but we did several things which repelled Russia," said chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Forces.

It is not surprising that, many Americans consider Obama a key opponent of this project, which is persistently implemented by the Republicans led by the President Bush. "If president-democrat takes office in the White House, the work on the missile shield can be stopped," said John Kayl, said the American senator republican, well-known supporter of missile shield in US.

Kayl, who called this approach 'a dangerous policy', said that only the senator John McCain fully supports the program of missile shield among all the presidential candidates.

The coming of democrat to White House seems to be the solution of the Russian missile shield problem in Europe. However, the words said during the election campaign do not guarantee actions during the election campaign.

Obama can not afford cardinal changes in the foreign defense policy. Withdrawal of troops from Iraq is complicated issue and if senator from Illinois win elections, he will not be able to get involved in the open conflict with Pentagon.

Moreover, the simple Americans fear nuclear terrorism, rockets and 11 September - it is non-healing wound for America. Therefore, none of the American presidents can afford to look weak on the background of these new threats. If there is one chance out of one thousand that September 11 will be repeated, Americans will do everything to prevent it.

The Americans have fear and distrust toward Iran. They fear that the nuclear technology will get into the hands of the international terrorism. Therefore, as a whole, the Americans support strategic defense wall in Europe. Whoever the president of US, the installation of missile shield in Europe will probably continue in spite of Russia's protest.

One should not forget one important fact. The aids of Obama on the international policy are senior Bzhezinski and junior Michael Macpho. Three of them are critical of Russia and without doubt, will influence the opinion of president Obama who do not have his own relations with Russia and obligations before the official Moscow.

All these factors make hopes for the freezing of project of missile shield by the president democrat fragile and unlikely.

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