Azerbaijani National Security Ministry Prevents Drugs Smuggling from Iran to Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 5 August 2008 18:22 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani National Security Ministry Prevents Drugs Smuggling from Iran to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, Baku, 5 August / corr.   Trend E.Huseynli / As a result of operative measures, the Azerbaijani National Security Ministry prevented attempts of drugs smuggling from Iran to Azerbaijan and withdrew about 95kg drugs, the Ministry told Trend news on 5 August.

Organized group comprised of Nabi Guliyev, Shadet Nasibov, residents of Sumgayit city, and Farhad Kariger, an Iranian citizen, as well as, Mahmud, an Iranian citizen, whose personality is to be identified,  carried drugs, including more than 8.426kg heroin and 86kg hashish, from Iran to Azerbaijan through Azerbaijan's customs border without the customs control with the commercial purposes.

It was revealed that on the base of agreement achieved in advance and tasks distributed among members of the organized group, Mahmud gave drugs to Kariger in Garagasimli village of the Iranian Bilasuvar District and in exchange of $10,000 he commissioned Kariger to deliver drugs to Azerbaijan through contraband and to give them to mentioned people in the territory of Jalilabad District, Azerbaijan.

Kariger, in his turn, informed Guliyev and Nasibov about Mamud's instructions and they agreed to give drugs, which was imported to Azerbaijan via contraband, to the people, who Mahmud would indicate, in exchange of $3,000.

Kariger jointly with fellow villagers, who are still to be identified - Akber, Mehdi, Ismayil and Nadir- brought about 95kg of drugs to Azerbaijan via border post N of the Azerbaijani State Border Service uncontrolled check point of the state border. Kariger waited for Guliyev and Nasibov, who were to take drugs from him near Garakazimli village of Jalilabad District. Kariger's fellow villagers, who accompanied him, crossed the border through the same way and returned back to Iran.

Taking drugs from Kariger with the objective to give them further to people to be mentioned by Mahmud, Guliyev and Nasibov arrived in Garakazimli village of Jalilabad District by VAZ-2107 model of car, which was driven by the latter. They put about 95kg of drugs, taken from Kariger, who imported them through contraband, in this car. Then Kariger, Guliyev and Nasibov traveled to Garazenjir village of Jalilabad District by the same car and hid drugs at the barren.

Kariger, Guliyev and Nasibov were arrested as a result of operative measures held by the Azerbaijan Ministry. About 95kg of drugs, which was hidden by them, was found and withdrawn at the abovementioned area during search.

A criminal case was filed in accordance with Articles 318.2 (illegal crossing the state border), 206.4 (contraband of drugs, realized by group of people), 234.1 and 234.3 (illegal use, storing, conveyance, send or sale of drugs in great quantity by organized group) of the Azerbaijani Criminal Code at the Head Investigation Department of the Ministry. An action was brought against these people and they were arrested.

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