Iran May Use Hezbollah to Begin War against Israel: Experts

Politics Materials 7 August 2008 16:13 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 7 August / Trend , corr. U.Sadikova, R.Abdullayev / Even if Lebanese Hezbollah Movement begins war with Israel with the support of its government, it will make this not for personal purposes, but at will of Teheran and Damascus.  

"Lebanese government granted the right of war not to Hezbollah, but to Iran and Syria," representative of the Lebanese March 14 Movement, Vail Yamin, told Trend by telephone from Beirut on 6 August. Lebanese March 14 Movement occupies the third places in the Lebanese Parliament and adheres to pro-Western course.

On Friday the new Government of Lebanon formed a document, according to which, Hezbollah has the right to use any means to liberate the Lebanese lands occupied by Israel. This document will be represented for being approved by the Lebanese Parliament, which will make the final decision, Turkish Timeturk Agency reported with reference to the high-ranking political sources in Lebanon.

Hezbollah that is supported in its policy in Iran and Syria wants to use this possibility in order to enlarge its right of veto, which was obtained in the new Lebanese Government. According to Yamin, such process of events will play in favor of Iran, which wants to penetrate in Lebanon in every way possible.

After the end of the second Lebanese war in 2006 between Hezbollah and as Israel, the United Nations passed a special resolution No 701, which prohibits the Lebanese movement to carry out any military actions in Shebaa region, which is located on the border with Israel.

According to the Israeli politician Mordechai Kedar, the Government of Lebanon made this decision, violating this resolution. The internal conflict in Lebanon, which flowed between the pro-Iranian group in the Government and the pro-Western politicians of the country, was resolved in favor of the first. According to Kedar, taking into consideration the radical policy of Iran with respect to Israel, this has unfavorable consequences for the country's future.

"Today precisely Iran, but not Syria as earlier, governs Lebanon by means of Hezbollah in order to use this for purposes of pressure in Israel. Lebanon is transferring into the Iranian hostage in the Near East," Mordechai Kedar, expert of Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies of Bar-Ilan University (Israel), told Trend .

According to him, such turn of events resembles the events in Afghanistan, where also the armed groups have an advantage of waging war against foreign forces.

"Reports state that the Lebanese government has acquiesced in allowing Hezbollah to deploy rockets and missiles in southern Lebanon and develop its own private communications network that might help Hezbollah in a future armed conflict with Israel, but that is different from giving Hezbollah a "green light" to wage war with the Jewish State," Professor of University of Tennessee, Gunter, told Trend via e-mail on 6 August.

According to him, it is troubling that not only has a weak Lebanese central government helped (at least indirectly) to facilitate Hezbollah's re-arming following the July-August 2006 Hezbollah Conflict, but the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has also reportedly failed to halt Hezbollah's deployment of thousands of rockets and missiles that can threaten Israel. Since there was no clear victor in the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah Conflict, this may suggest a future re-match, but hopefully cool heads will prevail and they'll find it in their own interests to avoid another war. 

But, in the opinion of the Lebanese expert Yamina, the participation of Syria in the right of Hezbollah to begin military operations against Israel is not in the interests of Damascus. He considers that in the present situation Syria does not want to participate because this can bring harms to Syrian- Israeli peaceful process.

"Possibly, if this would happen in another time, Bashshar Asad would use this immediately, but now this is not profitable to his relations with the West and talks with Israel," said Yamin.

Hezbollah first emerged as a militia in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, set on resisting the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. Since 1992, the organization has been headed by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, its Secretary-General.

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