Israeli Arabians Want to Establish Islamic Caliphate

Politics Materials 27 August 2008 14:12 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 27 August /corr. Trend R.Hafizoglu, R.Abdullayev/ Using of the civil rights granted by the Government the Arabs residing in Israel try to establish Islamic Caliphate in the territory of this country.

"The living conditions of Arabs in Israel are better than those of Arabs residing in other Arab countries. The Islamists just want to realize their plan using this fact," the leader of the right Israel Party "Herut" Mikhail Clainer said to Trend .

The Israeli Police carried out search in the office of the Islamic Organization "Al-Aksa" functioning in Jerusalem and Israeli-Islamic movement and confiscated the property of this organization and the documents of the "Al-Aksa" Mosque. This operation was held at the order of the Defense Minister of Israel Ehud Barak within the framework of "fighting with illegal organizations", Al-Jazeera TV channel reported on 25 August.

Clainer considers that abusing civil rights granted them, the Islamist Arabs residing in Israel intend to raise domestic tension and arrange joint operations with different terror organizations.

According to spokesman of the Israeli-Islamic movement Zahi Jidad, the Arabs are full-right citizens of this country and unlike Jews they are genuine hosts of these lands.

"Closing of our organization on the threshold of Ramadan month is not accidental. Every year the Israeli-Islamic movement organizes mass iftar and holds enlightenment among Muslims. But these acts contradict the interests of bloodthirsty Zionists," Jidad said Trend over telephone from Jerusalem.

Clainer considers that the Israeli-Islamic movement and its leader Sheikh Raid Salah try to spread the extremist ideas among the Muslims. "No country allows escalation of extremist ideas in the country. Israel still closes its eyes on it," he said.

According to the experts, the activities of the Islamic movement in the country contradict Israel's interests and its patience has already exhausted.

The spokesman of the Israeli-Islamic organization does not think so and said that neither the organization nor its leaders is terrorists. "Raid Salah calls not to terrorism and extremism, but to inter-confessional dialogue and tolerance. If it were not so, Orthodox and Catholics would not support us. But the Zionist regime of the Israeli Government only does not accept it as normal," he said.

Clainer thinks that this problem can be solved through closing down the organization and disfranchise its leader with further deportation. "Under the mask of charity they collect money for suicide-bomber (kamikaze) terrorists' families, support them in every way," Clainer said.

But the official of the organization considers that Israel can hardly take such, because it can raise inter-government tension as a result. "By closing our organization, Israel intends to deprive us from mosque and Islamic activities," Jidad said.

Leader of the Israeli-Islamic movement Rail Salah is one of the well-known and influential figures in the Islamic World. He was repeatedly sentenced to different terms in prison because of strict statement against Israel.

"Zionists' attempts to repress Israeli-Islamic movement will come down and we will continue our activities," Jidad said.