Azerbaijan Purchases Armament worth $2.5mln from US in 2007

Politics Materials 28 August 2008 13:20 (UTC +04:00)

In 2007, Azerbaijan purchased armament and military equipments by $2.5mln from the United States, report of the US State Department on Direct Commercial Sales Export Authorizations for Fiscal Year 2007 said.

The document comprises direct sales of new armament and military equipment realized by the US producers, Washington ProFile reported. According to data of the report, practically, all post-Soviet countries bought the US armament.

In 2007, Russia purchased firearms and ammunition, electronics, missile, aircraft maintenance and equipment, explosive substances, systems of fire management, space systems and equipments at $40.4mln, as well as Ukraine firearms and ammunition, electronics and equipments at $3.4mln.

Armenia bought aircraft maintenance and radio electronics at $487,200, Azerbaijan - missile technology, torpedo, bombs, ship equipments and electronics at $2.5mln, as well as Georgia - firearms and ammunition, armored technology, electronics, aircraft technology and equipment and means of private protection at $25mln.

Kazakhstan purchased explosive substances, aircraft technology and equipment, artillery systems, armored technology at $861,600, Kyrgyzstan - electronics and artillery system at $20mln, Tajikistan - electronics, means of chemical and biological defense at $7mln, Turkmenistan - electronics at $100,000 and Uzbekistan - auxiliary military equipments at $79mln. Latvia bought the US armament at $4.4mln, Lithuania at $4.4mln and Estonia at $2mln. Only Belarus and Moldova did not buy the US armament in 2007.

This statistics do not include data on services and deliveries of spare and used parts within the framework of contracts signed earlier. For example, in 2007 Moldova, who did not buy anything in 2007, spent $100,000 for upgrading and service of earlier purchased US military electronics.

Besides deals, which the State Department informed, the US Department of Defense delivers military technology to foreign countries, as well. The technology includes arms of the US military depots, which are usually given or purchased within the framework of partner programs with military forces of different countries. These data have not been yet published for 2007.

According to the report, world sale of the US armaments amounted to $24bln 531mln in 2007, and former Soviet countries are not considered as the hugest customers, whilst volume of their purchase gradually grows.