Hunger Threats to 5mln People in Afghanistan

Politics Materials 1 September 2008 17:37 (UTC +04:00)
Hunger Threats to 5mln People in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Kabul, 1 September / Trend corr. A.Hakimi /According to the information by the international Aksfam organization, 5mln people may face the hunger threat in Afghanistan.

Trend correspondent in Afghanistan reported that the British Aksfam international organization has noted in its latest report that if no aid would be rendered to people in Afghanistan, most population will face disaster soon.

At present, international financial resources have sent 1/5 aid asked by Afghanistan and the UN. So far, the Afghan Government and UN asked aid in the sum of $400mln to remove food problems in the country.

The main reason for such disaster is called increased in prices of foods, which have been observed as a result of drought and cold winter in 2008, as well as violation of stability.

Aksfam noted that if the needed food aid would not be delivered to the most drought Daykendi region in the centre of Afghanistan, population in the region will face serious problems.

In 2007, a lot of people died from hunger in Afghanistan. Nobody knows when international financial resources will respond to the information by Aksfam.

Nevertheless, the number of violation of stability facts has been increasing in the east and south regions in Afghanistan. Under the information, Taliban controls the Kabul-Gandahar highway, which hinders timely supply of foods.

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