Chairman of Azerbaijani Opposition Party Calls Joint Statement of Several Opposition Parties as Document without Prospects

Politics Materials 10 September 2008 19:54 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 10 September /corr. TrendNews J.Babayeva / The Chairman of the oppositional United Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (UAPFP) Gudrat Hasanguliyev said that he does not believe in the sincere co-operation of the political organizations, which signed joint statement. "Such agreements were signed for several times, and this agreement has no prospect," Hasanguliyev briefed the media on 10 September.

Last week the People Front party, Liberal Party, Citizen and the Development Party, represented in Azadlyg Bloc, and also Musavat Party and Public Forum "For Azerbaijan", represented in the format of "fours", signed joint statement recognizing presidential elections, which will take place on 15 October, as illegal. The statement said that the Government to be formed after the presidential elections will be illegitimate.

According to Hasanguliyev, if earlier a certain group of people remained around the political organizations, which signed this document, now and there are absent. "If journalists conduct search, it will be explained that now no one remained around Ali Kerimli. Kerimli no longer can form the quorum of the Presidium of Party. After Gulamhuseyn Alibeyli, the Chairman of party's Supreme Assembly, left the party, only Kerimli's deputies - Hasan Kerimov and Fuad Mustafayev - remained around him. If any political organization wants to accept them, they will also leave the ranks of party," said Hasanguliyev.

The Chairman of UAPFP stated that some oppositional parties receive neither financial nor political support from abroad via NGOs. "The chairmen of the parties, which signed joint statement, are completely exhausted people," said Hasanguliyev.

According to him, already in 2000 the UAPFP declared that Azerbaijan needs new opposition forces. "When party commenced the process of creating these forces, we faced anti-propaganda from many political parties, NGOs, which do not have relation to the policy and media,"  Hasanguliyev said.

Under leadership of Gudrat Hasanguliyev, a group of the members of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFA) separated from the party in 2002. They conducted "uniting" congress and until 2004 they were named "uniting" wing of APFA. In 2004 constituent congress of party under name United Azerbaijan Popular Front Party was held. Registered in 2005, the party take constructive position towards the power. Hasanguliyev is MP and Presidential Candidate.

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