Pre-Term Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine Can Cost Presidential Armchair of Yushchenko

Politics Materials 28 September 2008 14:42 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 27 September /corr. Trend E.Tariverdiyeva / Pre-term parliamentary elections in Ukraine can cost the presidential armchair Victor Yushchenko.

If the pre-term parliamentary elections this is really Yushchenko's initiative - it is rash! His party has not gained success of the voters,ї expert of British analytical center Chatham, Andrew Wilson, told Trend by telephone.

The political crisis in the Parliament of Ukraine began at the beginning of September after dissolution of the coalition between їOur Ukraineї and Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (YTB). їOur Ukraineї party left the coalition, protesting against the fact that at the beginning of September Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, together with the oppositional Party of Regions, voted for the bills, which limit the authorities of the President. According to the acting Constitution, the President of Ukraine can dissolve the Parliament if a new ruling coalition is not created. Now the country proved to be before the possibility of pre-term parliamentary elections.

President Yushchenko accuses the parliamentary party of intentional dissolution of the governing coalition. The forces, which incited political crisis in Ukraine, want to attain simultaneously hold pre-term presidential and parliamentary elections in December of this year, Yushchenko said on Tuesday at the meeting with the representatives of the U.S. National Geographic Society and Council of Foreign Relations in New York, UNIAN reported.

Actions of YTB in the Parliament were actually directed towards the transformation of the President into the representation figure and transformation of Ukraine itself into the parliamentary-presidential republic. The interests of regionals and YTB are to create two-fractional parliament, which practically will indicate the transformation of Ukraine into the parliamentary republic, whose two parts will be represented by the party of Tymoshenko and party of Yanukovich.

Considering the possible versions of the development of events, the experts state that the next pre-term parliamentary elections in Ukraine will be in the hands of many political forces, almost all, except President Yushchenko himself. According to some forecasts, this can bring to the pre-term presidential elections, which will lead Yulia Tymoshenko to the presidential armchair.

Yushchenko's desire to hold pre-term parliamentary elections astonishes the observers, taking into consideration that now his party does not use the support of voters. According to the British expert Wilson, Yushchenko's desire to hold parliamentary elections can be dictated by advice of those around him, who pursues their interests.

This can be the precise thought of his colleague, head of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, Victor Balogya, Wilson said, adding that he must be very interested in conducting new elections in the hope of bringing his party to victory.

Viktor Balohaїs Single Centre Party was established in March 2007. Several other parties (National Democratic Party and other small parties) will join this party, which was established by the head of Presidential Secretariat, in near future. Moreover, governors and MPs from Our Ukraine, who are aggressive against the Cabinet of Ministers, will join the Single Centre Party.

їThis party did not participate in the previous elections. And may be Mr. Bolohaїs plan accounts that his party will gain majority in next elections,ї expert said.Pre-term elections also can avoid the confirmation of the parliamentary republic, which is the main result for the two influential Ukrainian politicians - Tymoshenko and Yanukovich. This will place Yushchenko in the post of President without real authorities.The Ukrainian expert Victor Nebojenko considers that if the parties of Yanukovich and Tymoshenko will attain the confirmation of parliamentary republic, this will be nothing else, but the method to dismantle Yushchenko.

However, Russian political scientist Victor Pribylovskiy considers that the pre-term parliamentary elections will not principally change the political configurationїProposing to conduct pre-term parliamentary elections, Yushchenko attempts to preserve the parliamentary system, which is now sufficiently natural for Ukraine, and thus to remain in power,ї Russian expert Victor Pribylovkiy said.

їThere will again be three forces, one of which is more nationalistic, which now represent Yushchenko and Bloc їOur Ukraine,ї the President of Information Research Center їPanoramaї, Pribylovskiy, told Trend by telephone from Moscow. There is another danger. If Yushchenko appoints pre-term elections, then it is probable that the crisis in the parliament will lead to the pre-term presidential elections. The most probable Presidential candidate in this case will become Yulia Tymoshenko.

Today the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko supports the simultaneous conducting of presidential and parliamentary elections if it will be impossible to form the democratic coalition, Reuters reported. Yushchenko, as politician, ended, Pribylovskiy said. їWith regards to Tymoshenko, long ago it was stated that Yulia Tymoshenko is the only man in the Ukrainian policy,ї said the expert.

The British expert also considers that Tymoshenko's chances to the presidency are sufficiently high.Tymoshenko will be favorite, and Yushchenko's rating is very low, Wilson said. їPresidency lies at the blood of any strong politician of Ukraine, and it is today Tymoshenko has more chances, who knows how to manipulate with the electorate much stronger than Yushchenko and Yanukovich,ї said Ukrainian expert Nebojenko.

Baku-based E.Ostapenko and Kiev-based Z.Novosvitski contributed to the article.

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