UN Security Council to "Swallow" American Attack against Syria

Politics Materials 31 October 2008 10:35 (UTC +04:00)
UN Security Council to "Swallow" American Attack against   Syria

Azerbaijan, Baku, 30 October /corr. Trend U.Sadikova / International organizations, including the UN Security Council, will not make accusations against the so-called "counter-terrorist" attack of the USA on the Syrian territory."The USA is actually the owner of the UN Security Council. Therefore, other members of the UN Security Council, for example, Great Britain, will likely welcome this attack as combating terror, but not make accusations," Salem Zuheir, Head of Arab Orient Centre for Strategic and Civilisation Studies, told Trend via telephone.

On Sunday the U.S. Air Forces attacked the Syrian province of Abu-Kemal. As a result of this attack, nine innocent civilians died, but official Washington confirms that the blow was brought to the terrorist points. According to the data by the U.S. Department of Defense, leader of Al-Qaeda group Abu Gadiya, who helped send fighters from Syria to Iraq, was killed, BBC television channel reported.

Damascus directed complaint to the United Nations, requiring investigating this matter at the international level and taking measures against the USA. However, yet response was not made to this complaint. The Embassy of the USA in Damascus was closed this morning.

Already seven years have passed since the USA assumed the responsibility of combating terrorism and removing any center of terrorism in the world. This fight became the reason for the beginning of war in Afghanistan in 2002, and in Iraq in 2003. Today to the United Nations itself knows clear that there was no war against the terrorism, but the USA hunted the countries of the Middle East, said the international expert on the Middle East conflicts, Husni Mahalli.

The articles 41 and 42 of the United Nations Charter envisage that in the case of the breaks in the stability of peace in any region, the UN Security Council must take reciprocal measures: either to require the accusation of the disturbers of the stability or to take reciprocal measures. However, four days have passed since the day of attack on the Syrian territory, but the United Nations, as before, made no attempts to make clear this question.

"The policy of anti-terror will become the main reason, for which the United Nations will not want to accuse the USA and to require explanations from them," said the Arab expert Zuheir.

It also remains interesting that Washington tries to shift the responsibility for those happening to the Syrian Government. The USA confirms that Damascus does not ensure proper security of borders, and therefore, terrorists easily move from Syria to Iraq and Afghanistan through the Iranian border.

"It is very important to remember that, there are two sides for any aggression. There is the aggressor and the victim. The USA tries to change place with Damascus, depicting the victim," Khaldoon Aswad, human rights activist of Damascus Institute of Citizen Rights, said.

Iraq was also involved in this conflict because the forces of the USA brought blow, defending the borders precisely of this country. Damascus also required explanations from Baghdad in this regard, but the last one rejected its participation in this question. Zuheir considers that America wants "to set at variance" two Arab neighbors, thus, removing Syria from the interference in the Iraqi policy. The interest, which Damascus displayed to Iraq, confused the USA. This could lead to the interference of Iran in the internal affairs of Iraq via Syria.

The USA can present as terrorism the Iraqi resistance, which acts in Syria. This prevents Washington from being fastened in Iraq and even ratifying agreement on security with Baghdad. Therefore, according to the heads of the British Institute for Syrian Studies, Raymond Hinnebusch, the United Nations will not take special measures against the American attack. Otherwise, the USA will need to report both for Afghanistan and for Iraq, he said.

Game of the interests of strong powers as Russia and China against the USA also goes here. The Foreign Ministry of Russia severely criticized the attack of the USA against Syria, naming this the violation of international law.However, according to Hinnebusch, indignations of Russia will remain imperceptible, indeed, majority wins the minority.

"The International community should stand for justice and peace for all in the region as the famous American slogan says "No justice no peace"," Aswad said.

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