Ulema threatens Jihad on foreigners

Politics Materials 16 November 2008 13:59 (UTC +04:00)

Afghanistan, Kabul, November 16, / / Trend , corr A. Hakimi / The large gathering of Afghanistan's western Ulema (clergies) has threatened to announce jihad (holy war) against foreign forces unless they stop civilian casualties.

The religious scholars' council also condemned recent Taliban action in Kandahar, as unknown militants, sprayed acid on school girls last week which is considered to be Taliban work.

In this gathering held in the western provincial council, composed of prominent religious scholars from across western Afghanistan, condemned the abduction and execution of Mullahs, the recent acid attacks on female students and other "un-Islamic" actions. They blamed Pakistani Mullahs for provoking the events.

According to this gathering, Pakistan religious schools are the factory of terrorism and ISI furnishes them then send to Afghanistan. 

The Ulema also said they will support negotiations between the government and the Taliban, except Pakistani Taliban and others who act against Islamic Law.

They also welcomed the recent executions of criminals but urged President Karzai to conduct the executions in public.

They expect that punishment of criminals will help peace and would tackle corruption throughout the country as will as in government.

The council also request Karzai to implement the law equally on forceful and influential people too, if they commit crime.

It is noticeable that the recent executions, which were implemented on criminals, were welcomed by all Afghan people and they consider it the only way to prevent crime in the country.