Security Agreement with Iraq to Facilitate Barack Obama’s Policy

Politics Materials 19 November 2008 11:19 (UTC +04:00)
Security Agreement with   Iraq to Facilitate Barack Obama’s Policy

Azerbaijan, Baku, 18 November /corr. Trend U.Sadikova / The Barack Obama will not go against the security agreement between Washington and Baghdad, since this will allow him to prolong the process of withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. "Starting the responsibilities of the President, Obama will difficultly make a decision on withdrawal or reduction of the troops in Iraq. Therefore, this agreement will facilitate his future plans of discussions with Baghdad," Anthony Sullivan, Director of Center for Middle Eastern and North African studies at the University of Michigan, told Trend by telephone.

On Monday the Parliament of Iraq began considering the document, which will determine the fate of the security agreement between Washington and Baghdad. This document was approved by the Prime Minister of the country al-Maliki.In May the Administration of George Bush proposed the Government of Nuri al-Maliki to conclude a security agreement, which envisages full withdrawal of the Americans from Iraq within three years. During this period, Iraqi officials must form United National Government, and also organs of domestic security, and until the operation of agreement, Americans will control on security in Iraqi cities.

The strategy of the USA with respect to Iraq and benefit from the oil will not change the position of the USA, even after Democrat President comes to power, said Iraqi MP Fevzi Ekremoglu. He hopes that Obama will prove Washington's observance of the international standards and the USA will withdraw the troops, and this will help to form National Government."We hope that Obama will keep his word, but the three years security agreement must not become obstacle for this," Ekremoglu told Trend by telephone from Baghdad. This document will affect mainly the security services of Iraq and defense of borders, and within three years, with the assistance of the American security forces, Baghdad will be able to create National Government, Iraqi MP said.

This agreement is the final point in the policy of Bush in Iraq. Actually, after this, the new Administration will not need to think long on what to do with the troops in Iraq. During his pre-election campaign, Barack Obama spoke of the withdrawal of forces within 16 months and the end of the American military campaign in Iraq. However, Obama did not make clear how he is going to withdraw the troops: by brigades, or to transmit them to the peacemaking troops, in number of which there will be the Americans, Sullivan said.

Therefore, he thinks that it will take at least two years for Obama to commence the responsibilities of the U.S. President and adopt a new political program of foreign strategy of the USA. And the three years agreement exactly will coincide with the plans of Obama to end American presence in Iraq, American expert said. "Departing, Bush facilitates for Obama the relations with the Iraqi Government. He will not need to additionally hold discussions with the Iraqi Government regarding the troops of the USA, since Baghdad already approved all items of "Bush" agreement," said Sullivan.

Instability in Iraq and helplessness of Government of al-Maliki in the fight against the oppositional groups force, Baghdad will transfer the control over Iraqi cities to the American forces. The military resources of Iraq completely exhausted after five years war, and the Air Forces are in the hands of the Pentagon. In this agreement, Iraq attaches the right not to give the territory of the country to the American Forces for the attack on the neighboring states. After becoming the President, Barack Obama must firstly listen to the opinion of old politicians, especially in the sphere of Middle Eastern policy.

"Obama will not be able to beat record and to simultaneously withdraw the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan within such short time," Christopher Davidson, analyst of the Middle Eastern University of Durham, told Trend by telephone from London. It is impossible to, within 16 months, roll up three large-scale programs of foreign policy of the USA: military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan and prison in Guantanamo Prison. Therefore, Davidson thinks that the new Head of White House will firstly use the experience of "Bush" servicemen, who attempt to prolong the presence of the American forces in the conflict zones, British expert added.

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