American-Iran Ties Will Never Depend on Elections in U.S.: Iranian MP (UPDATED)

Politics Materials 27 November 2008 14:31 (UTC +04:00)
American-Iran Ties Will Never Depend on Elections in   U.S.: Iranian MP (UPDATED)

Azerbaijan, Tehran, 27 November / Trend , corr. D.Ibrahimova/ The ties between America and Iran will never depend on the results of elections in the United States, Fatima Ajerlu, the representative of the Conservative Party in the Iranian Parliament, said to Trend .

President-elect Barack Obama touched upon the preparedness during the election campaign to launch negotiations with Iran without preliminary terms. However, Obama voiced uncertainty close to the election day to start such negotiations with the Iranian leader.

The opinion of experts related the change of political course of the U.S. towards Iran is differing. Ajerlu believes that the bilateral ties between Iran and the U.S. will not change.

The ties between the both countries remind the relations between 'wolf and lamb', and there is no hope that they will be improved in the future, Ajerlu said.

Positive changes still can take place. Bilateral relations may be improved if only the United States will change its policy towards the Islamic Republic. According to Ajerlu, the local authorities in Iran will welcome such changes.

The main stumbling-block in the ties between Washington and Tehran is the nuclear program of Iran. The U.S. feels fear of Iran aims at creation of nuclear armament, while Tehran insists on peaceful purpose of the program only.

As for the solution of the Iranian nuclear issue, the United States 'needs to change views and rules, as well as refuse from the policy of double standards towards the countries, which are occupied with enrichment of uranium, Ajerlu added.

The U.S. insists on imposing of sanctions on Iran to stop the development of its nuclear program. However, Syria, which is also suspected of development of nuclear program, is treated well.

However, according to the former American Senator Bennett Johnston, to begin the talks between the U.S. an Iran, the Islamic Republic must suspend the development of its nuclear program.

"The suspension of nuclear program will be the first step taken to improve the ties between the countries," Johnston, the former senator in Louisiana State (1972-1996) said to Trend via a telephone.

It is important for the United States to involve Iran in settlement of problems in the Middle East. This is explained with the relevant role that Iran plays in the region.

" Iran is a key to stability in the Middle East," Johnston said. Iran is an important player in the region, and the U.S. will try to involve it in solution of key problems in the Middle East.

"It is important to involve Iran into settlement of problems in Iraq. We hope that Iran will become a stabilizing element in Iraq," Johnston said.

"This will serve the interests of Iran and the U.S.," Johnston said.

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