Any conflicts should be resolved by negotiations - Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia

Politics Materials 18 September 2014 15:44 (UTC +04:00)

Baku is convinced that any conflicts, including the ones in Ukraine, should be resolved by negotiations, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Russia, Polad Bulbuloglu said Sept.18 reported Russian news agency ITAR-TASS.

"The events in Ukraine are a very bad moment in the life of all countries which were a part of the Soviet Union," the diplomat said. "One wouldn't be able to even see the events happening in Ukraine in his worst nightmares. Azerbaijan is a supporter of territorial integrity of states. We believe that it is impossible to break the world order formed after World War II."

He said that Baku's thoughts are based on the fact, "that it is an internal affair of Ukraine."

"It is essentially a civil war. We believe that any conflicts should be settled by political means, through negotiations," Polad Bulbuloglu said.

Answering the question whether Baku experiences the external pressure due to cooperation with Russia, the ambassador noted that the external pressure does not work for Azerbaijan.

"Different forces and countries try to influence us by holding a variety of PR campaigns. However we take it quietly. The external pressure does not work for us," Bulbuloghlu said.

"Our president got diplomatic education. We implement a sovereign independent policy," he stressed.