Top official says resolution on “Armenian Genocide” in European Parliament – disgraceful

Politics Materials 16 April 2015 14:32 (UTC +04:00)
The resolution of the European Parliament on the “Armenian genocide” is the most disgraceful one in this structure’s history, Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani presidential aide for public and political affairs told reporters Apr.16.
Top official says resolution on “Armenian Genocide” in European Parliament – disgraceful

Baku, Azerbaijan, Apr.16

By Elchin Mehdiyev - Trend:

The resolution of the European Parliament on the "Armenian genocide" is the most disgraceful one in this structure's history, Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani presidential aide for public and political affairs told reporters Apr.16.

The top official was commenting on the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on Apr.15 urging Turkey to recognize 1915 events as "Armenian genocide".

Hasanov said this is an unfair, politicized decision pursuing a particular purpose and it doesn't reflect the reality, distorts the real story of the First World War.

Undoubtedly, this resolution stems from the anti-Muslim and anti-Turkish sentiments, according to Hasanov.

Adoption of this decision showed that today, double standards and Islamophobic sentiments predominate in Europe, in the majority of the international structures created on the initiative of the West, including and especially, in the European Parliament.

"For many years, we have conveyed to the world the truth about the Khojaly genocide, the real facts about the atrocities committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis and Turks in the last 200 years," said the top official. "However, European countries, such structures as the European Parliament, the Council of Europe haven't adopted a single unbiased, really influential decision on this issue."

"Historical facts, documents prove that no "Armenian genocide" took place on Turkey's territory in 1915," said the Azerbaijani top official.

At the time when Turkey was drawn into the war, by creating numerous armed units, Armenians rebelled in the rear, organized attacks on Turkish army, committed massacres in some cities and settlements, carried out inhuman actions against the population, Hasanov said.

Naturally, the Turkish army took necessary measures to defend the civilians, to save them from Armenian atrocities, said Hasanov, adding that no "genocide" took place and the activities carried out in accordance with the wartime requirements when resettling Armenians on certain territories, simply stood out with harshness.

Therefore, the assessment of the events that took place in the beginning of the 20th century by distorting historic reality, without relying on facts, without studying the archive materials by a group of politicians, MPs, is a fundamentally wrong approach, Hasanov added.

The top official said that the claims about the "Armenian genocide" are based on the subjective figments and show the strengthening of the Islamophobic, anti-Muslim and anti-Turkish aspirations. At the same time, it is the result of the double standards predominating in the modern world, especially, in the West, according to Hasanov.

Ali Hasanov went on to add that naturally, the attempts of some western circles to distort the history and form a misconception about the Muslim world should be condemned. The progressive mankind is aware that such an event never took place, and such decisions and resolutions are adopted only as a result of attempts by certain circles to meet their own interests, he added.

Ali Hasanov went on to add that these circles revenge Turkey and Azerbaijan as these countries haven't joined the anti-Russian union.

Azerbaijan faced the similar lies, black PR campaigns during the Eurovision Song Contest, when Ramil Safarov was extradited to the country and is facing such problems on the eve of the First European Games as well, according to the top official.

The presidential aide added that this resolution is the first subjective, anti-Islamic, anti-Turkish and anti-Azerbaijani decision by the European Parliament.

Probably such "decisions" will be adopted in the future as well, said Hasanov. "Azerbaijan and Turkey do not feel to have an anti-Western position and are ready for a fair, equitable cooperation and partnership with the West in all spheres."

However, regretfully, in recent times, anti-Turkish, anti-Muslim sentiments continue to be observed both in the US and Europe, the top official said.

According to Hasanov, the West doesn't want to see the Islamic world by its side, but rather against itself, and the history will show what this policy will lead to.

Yet the official said that Azerbaijan can't allow such unfair decisions affect the international community and het hammered into people's minds.

Hasanov said that after this decision, Azerbaijan will have to revise its relations with the European Parliament.

"Azerbaijan has suspended its activities in the Euronest group of the European Parliament. If it goes on like this, we will have to revise all of our ties with the European Parliament," Hasanov said.