Control over Azerbaijan's Nardaran strengthened (UPDATE)

Politics Materials 3 December 2015 12:25 (UTC +04:00)
Concrete slabs have been laid at the entrance of Baku’s Nardaran township since morning Dec.3

Details added (first version posted on 12:12)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec. 3


Concrete slabs have been laid at the entrance of Baku's Nardaran township since morning Dec.3, reported Trend's correspondent at the scene.

These measures have been taken in order to narrow the road and strengthen control over the traffic, Trend was told.

Entrances and exits of the township are cunder supervision as before, cars and documents of the citizens are being checked.

On Nov. 26, five members of a criminal group, operating under the guise of religion, were killed during a police operation in the township of Nardaran, some 25 km northeast of Baku. Two police officers were also killed in the standoff.

Later fourteen members of the criminal group were arrested along with the group's ringleader Taleh Baghirov. All 14 detainees were arrested for four months as a preventive measure against them.

Department for Grave Crimes, operating under Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office, has initiated criminal cases and those arrested are being charged under the following articles of the Criminal Code: 120 (intentional murder), 214 (terrorism), 220 (mass unrests), 228 (illegal purchase, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of fire-arms, its accessories, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices), 283 (inciting national, racial or religious hatred), 315 (resistance or use of violence against a representative of authority), and 278 (violent seizure of power or violently holding power).