MP: Mass migration of Armenian youth intensified after 2016 April clashes

Politics Materials 2 April 2018 16:29 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, April 2

By Samir Ali – Trend:

The 2016 April battles have shown that fighting and patriotic spirit of Azerbaijani soldiers are at a high level, Azerbaijani MP Elman Nasirov told Trend commenting on the military results of the April 2016 clashes.

On April 2, 2016, all the frontier positions and settlements of Azerbaijan were subjected to heavy fire by the Armenian Armed Forces. As a result of the shelling of Azerbaijan’s settlements located along the line of contact, civilians were killed, including two children. Numerous public and private facilities, including civil infrastructure, were severely damaged as a result of the attack.

Azerbaijan responded with an armed offensive, which resulted in four days of fighting, as the country liberated several important strategic spots previously occupied by Armenian Armed Forces. As many as 30 tanks, up to 15 armored guns and fortifications belonging to the Armenians were destroyed, 320 Armenian soldiers were killed and more than 500 servicemen of the enemy were wounded during the clashes.

As a result of the successful counteroffensive, more than 2,000 hectares of territory were liberated from the Armenian occupation.

"The April battles showed the whole world that Azerbaijani soldier is always able to liberate our occupied lands upon the orders of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. The April battles demonstrated the high-level unity between the people and the army, and the people and the government. Prior to the April events, there was a myth about the alleged "invincibility" of the Armenian army. But these battles completely destroyed this myth, and it became clear that the Armenian army, first of all, does not have the spirit of patriotism. The Armenian army faces serious problems in this area. The fights showed that the combat training level of officers and even generals of the Armenian Army is at a very low level, and there are serious problems in providing this army with modern weapons. Armenian soldier doesn't know what he is fighting for. Since Armenian soldiers are sent out to die because of the lands that do not belong to Armenia, "the MP said.

Nasirov added that the Armenian army still has not been able to cover after the April fights.

"The political government gave false promises to the population about the allegedly strong Armenian army. After the April events, the lies of the government were revealed. The process of the mass departure of Armenian youth from their country is further intensified. The process runs in opposite direction in Azerbaijan. The April events showed the feelings of patriotism of Azerbaijani youth. During these days, students, schoolchildren, along with the entire population, sought to go the front-line zone, join the battles. Therefore, I believe that the April fights are one of the glorious pages of Azerbaijan," Nasirov stressed.