Assistant to Azerbaijan's president: Armenian side planned provocation in advance, on purpose

Politics Materials 15 July 2020 16:12 (UTC +04:00)
Armenian side planned the provocation in advance and purposefully
Assistant to Azerbaijan's president: Armenian side planned provocation in advance, on purpose

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 15


The Armenian side planned its latest provocation in advance and on purpose, Assistant to Azerbaijan’s President, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev said in an interview to the European Euractiv.com news website.

Hajiyev was commenting on the recent provocation made by the Armenian armed forces in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tovuz district along the state border with Azerbaijan, Trend reports.

“Armenia wants to create a new source of tension in the region and a new source of conflict in the region, particularly in the border area of two countries,” assistant to Azerbaijan’s president added. “And we also see the Armenian side tries to derail the negotiations process by all means, not to withdraw its armed forces from the Azerbaijani territories.”

“The Armenian side has unleashed this provocation in a deliberate manner,” Hajiyev added. “Real facts on the ground speak for themselves. Firstly, number one fact is that before the clashes, we have monitored a concentration of Armenian troops and high-level military officials around this area. Secondly, the Armenian side says that there was one small military car, truck or minibus that engaged, but it’s ridiculous.”

“No one conducts any attack or operation offensive with a small, unarmored car,” Hajiyev added. “The real fact is that the Armenian side attacked the positions of the Azerbaijani side with artillery. It was sudden and targeted deliberate attack. In order to diffuse tension in the border area, Azerbaijan deployed State Border Service personnel along the border with Armenia.”

“Attacking civilian objects and civilians is the modus operandi and the rule of engagement of Armenian armed forces,” assistant to Azerbaijan’s president said. “It once again demonstrates that Armenia is flagrantly violating international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Conventions. Today, we regret that one 76-year-old man was killed as a result of an Armenian artillery attack.”

“We also see a declining social-economic situation in Armenia,” Hajiyev said. “The situation is becoming worse, particularly in the list of spreading of COVID. The Armenian government is trying to deflect public attention and anger.”

“I think the EU and EU countries have a better understanding of the situation,” Hajiyev said. “From our side, we are also trying to inform our EU partners.”

“But we expect more addressed statements from EU to distinguish between the aggressor and those who have been the subject of aggression,” Hajiyev said. “The actions of Armenia need to be strongly condemned by the international community and EU as well. The impunity of Armenia encourages Yerevan to new military adventures and provocations. We also expect that the EU should assess the illegal activities of Armenia in the occupied territories, including the illegal settlement of Armenia in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.”

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