Azerbaijan itself implementing UN Security Council resolutions

Politics Materials 21 October 2020 16:56 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan itself implementing UN Security Council resolutions

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Oct.21

By Elchin Mehdiyev - Trend:

Counter-offensive operations launched by the Azerbaijani army in response to the provocations of the Armenian armed forces against our country on September 27 inflicted heavy losses on the Armenian army both in military equipment and in manpower.

A part of the occupied territories has already been liberated, President Ilham Aliyev daily brings good news to the Azerbaijani people. Today Azerbaijan is on the right path and following international law liberates its lands from the Armenian occupation. The people of Azerbaijan, closely rallying around the Commander-in-Chief, believe that victory is near.

The successive victories won by the Azerbaijani army, along with a crushing military blow to Armenia, also caused a socio-economic and political crisis in this country, the country is on the verge of chaos.

Armenia hoped that in the event of a war, using political levers, it would be able to stop Azerbaijan by diplomatic methods. But as you can see, these attempts by the occupying country were doomed to failure in advance. Over the past years, Azerbaijan has gained a colossal superiority over Armenia also in the diplomatic field.

President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly exposed the Armenian lies from the highest international tribunes and conveyed to the international community the fair position of our country. The head of state always stressed that in case the conflict is not resolved by peaceful negotiations, Azerbaijan reserves the right to free its territory from military occupation. Today, Azerbaijan uses this right, it itself has begun to implement the resolutions of the UN Security Council and therefore no one has the right or arguments to reproach it for anything.

The UN Security Council Resolution No. 874 of October 14, 1993, the Armenian troops required to stop military operations and retreat from the territories which were occupied shortly before the resolutions’ admission - a part of Fuzuli district (occupied on August 23, 1993), Jabrayil (occupied on August 26, 1993) and Gubadli (September 30, 1993) districts, as well as other territories, and recently Fuzuli and Jabrayil have been liberated by the Azerbaijani army.

The next Security Council resolution No. 884 of November 12, 1993, strongly condemned the occupation of Azerbaijan's Zangilan district and the city of Horadiz, and also requires the immediate withdrawal of the occupying forces from these territories. The Azerbaijani army is implementing this resolution as well, having already liberated Zangilan city.

The advancement and successes of the Azerbaijani army have naturally aggravated the political crisis in Armenia. Discords have emerged between the heads of defense ministries of Armenia and the separatist regime in Nagorno Karabakh, as evidenced by their conflicting statements. On the other hand, Pashinyan's meetings with representatives of the ‘Karabakh clan’ and the Dashnaksyutyun Party are further evidence of such enough deep crises and contradictions at the highest level in Armenia.

It should be noted that Pashinyan is losing control and the country is on the verge of chaos. Armenia's serious defeats on the battlefield, its heavy losses both in military equipment and in manpower, the collapse of the diplomatic course of the Armenian prime minister, which he did not expect, made the impending ‘storm’ inevitable. The course of events promises nothing good for Armenia, which is doomed to surrender.

The Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan's fascist ideology, the ill-considered policy could not lead to anything else. The prime minister, who used to amuse in Shusha city, has only one thing to do - sit down and realize the consequences of seizing others’ lands.