Nizami Ganjavi's memory is validated by time - former president of Ecuador

Politics Materials 3 April 2021 20:20 (UTC +04:00)
Nizami Ganjavi's memory is validated by time - former president of Ecuador

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Apr. 3


It is such interesting that we are talking about the legacy of Nizami Ganjavi that lived almost a thousand years, former President of Ecuador, Member of Nizami Ganjavi International Center Rosalia Arteragа Serrano said, Trend reports.

"It's so important that the legacy is validated by time and it's really a lesson that we must know.

Madame President Vaira Vike-Freiberga was talking about the passion of the books and the stories that Nizami wrote. But I think that he goes beyond, he goes to a level not only of passion but love, and love moves humanity. And it's so important the legacy of love that he can transmit, that he was compared in a certain time with Goethe; we all remember the passion of young Werther and of course we think when we talk about the poems, the love and passionate poems of Nizami about this kind of sentiments, of feelings that go beyond passion.

But talking about the lessons that we can learn from the writings of Nizami going through this pandemic situation that we are living in now. I have to tell you that personally I was enthusiastic about the possibility that the world will be going to learn a lot of lessons at the beginning of the pandemic when all of us were isolated in our homes without going not even sometimes to buy things, trying to survive with what we had in our own homes. We felt that nature was reviving, that the air was clean. That here in Quito, I can see the blue skies that I didn't see in sometime because of the contamination, because of the pollution and we hear to talk about the birds coming back, snakes going through the roads, and different kinds of animals. We said at that time: we are learning a lesson, probably the same nature is giving us this lesson.

But when we see what's happening now again going back to the bad practices, to contaminate, doing things against the others, starting fights, having a situation inside the countries, we really feel that we didn´t learn anything. In Latin America, we are feeling that waves of violence are growing. In Ecuador, we had violence this last week in prisons that we had never imagine, the amount of such cruel situations that we never experienced in the past. And we say: oh my God!, we are not learning from the lessons of the past.

Of course, I feel that now we have to put in common the thoughts and the spirit of such a personality, and maybe it's one of the goals of Nizami Ganjavi International Center to come alive with his wisdom. I really think that poets are wise people, for sure. Not even thinking of other goals as a philosophy or things like that. Poets are wise people I am convinced of that. Of course, true poets because you can find really bad ones. But he was a philosopher, he was a thinker. Then trying to bring back his lessons, his thoughts it would be excellent for the world putting it together with the sustainable development goals, with the lessons from the pandemic of coronavirus, with what's happening in the world, with the possibility of talking and really hearing the others, because people can talk but not hear the others. And that's the reality we are experiencing in most of our countries.

If we can take the thoughts of Nizami and put them into nowadays, it will be quite an experience. Put in contrast what is happening, how we can bring the philosophy of love, for example, again in a fashion, how we can't bring his thoughts, his philosophy, to try to analyze the current situations. Maybe we can do not only feel what's happening now, perhaps we can make it in a prospective way to go forward. Because we need to go forward to a new world. I was really thinking about it, with a lot of hope in this new world.

But thinkers like Nizami and actors like Greta Thunberg in Sweden and Europe, or Nemonte Nenquimo, the young indigenous leader in the jungle of Ecuador that was considered one of the 100 person most influential persons in 2020 by Times magazine, can make the difference. Yes, it is great to mention a little, small woman of the Ecuadorian Amazon the winner of the Goldman award. We can place Nemonte, Greta, and Nizami together, their thougts, acts and influence and make it and built a better world," she said.