International I24NEWS TV Channel prepares detailed report about Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 26 January 2023 12:56 (UTC +04:00)
International I24NEWS TV Channel prepares detailed report about Azerbaijan

BAKU, Azerbaijan, January 26. The popular international I24 NEWS TV channel has prepared an 18-minute report about the life of modern Azerbaijan and its history, Trend reports.

The authors of the report noted that it was in Azerbaijan that the first democratic republic in the Muslim world was established in 1918. They mentioned that the Bolsheviks [revolutionary socialist political party] seized the young republic, and only in 1991 did Azerbaijan regain its independence.

The article pays great attention to Azerbaijan's friendship with Israel and the Jewish people, as well as covers the international situation.

The journalists went to Zangilan, where they captured Azerbaijani villages destroyed by the Armenian occupiers. Filming was carried out on the border with Iran, near the Khudaferin Bridge, as well as where the positions of the Azerbaijani army are located, a village destroyed by Armenians, and mined territories, where every step away from the road is fraught with death.

The report also tells about the difficult situation on the border with Iran, Iran's unjustified threats against Azerbaijan, the military exercises of the Iranian army on the border with Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan's dignified, sustained, and firm response. Azerbaijan's readiness to build good-neighborly relations, while not allowing anyone to violate its sovereignty is also noted in the report.

Obviously, much attention is paid in the report on the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. The authors tell about the Armenian occupation of 20 percent of sovereign Azerbaijan after the collapse of the USSR, and Azerbaijan's victory and liberation of its territories from occupation during the 44-day second Karabakh war in 2020.

The report demonstrates the restoration of territories, and the creation of "smart villages" on the lands turned into a desert by the Armenian occupiers. The video also focuses on the huge number of mines set by Armenians in Karabakh.

According to Roman Gurevich, Honorary Ambassador of the World Jewish Agency in Azerbaijan, such a broadcast on a popular international channel, which has millions of viewers in the US, the Middle East, Asia, and other regions, is very important for further strengthening the international image of Azerbaijan.

"Unfortunately, the world community is not really concerned about the problems of our region or the matter of justice. It has been like this for almost thirty years, and it remains like this now. And this detailed, highly professional report, which is shown on the I24news channel in English, French, and Spanish to millions of viewers around the world, is very important in terms of the media coverage of Azerbaijan's realities," he said.

The report also includes unique footage from the "Heydar Aliyev" documentary, directed by Alexander Grich (Gurevich). According to Roman Gurevich, it was fundamentally important for the authors to show these shots in the report because 2023 is dedicated to the memory of the National Leader of Azerbaijan.

"I would like to express my gratitude to brilliant journalist Henrique Cymerman, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of the report, who did wonderful work. It seems to me that during the days spent in Baku and later, he learned and took to heart the joys and anxieties of Azerbaijan. I am sure that we have many more wonderful reports ahead of us, which will contribute to strengthening the image of Azerbaijan in the world and further bringing Israel and Azerbaijan closer together," said Gurevich.