MFA shares details of terrorist attack on Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran (UPDATE)

Politics Materials 6 February 2023 22:22 (UTC +04:00)
MFA shares details of terrorist attack on Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran (UPDATE)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 6. The surveillance cameras at the Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran recorded the details of the terrorist attack committed on January 27, Trend reports via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan.

As is known, as a result of a terrorist attack against the Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran on January 27, 2023, Head of Security Service, Orkhan Asgarov, was killed, and two other employees, Vasif Tagiyev and Mahir Imanov, received severe gunshot wounds.

"Firstly, before the attack, the terrorist drove past the embassy twice in his car on January 27, 2023 - at 08:05 and 08:24, in order to choose the right moment to commit the crime.

At 08:32, immediately after the embassy staff entered the main entrance of the administrative building of the diplomatic mission, the terrorist, who was in the car, deliberately crashed at high speed into the official car of the diplomatic mission parked in front of the embassy. Taking advantage of the fact that an embassy employee, having heard a noise, opened the doors of the diplomatic mission, the terrorist took out a machine gun from his car, gestured something to the Iranian policeman who was on duty at the front door, opened fire and immediately entered the embassy building.

At 08:34, two minutes after the terrorist broke into the embassy, a car belonging to the Iranian police drove up to the building, but after a few seconds of talking with the policeman at the entrance, it left the territory.

For four minutes, that is, until 08:36, the terrorist fired numerous shots at the employees inside the embassy administration building, as a result of which the embassy employee Orkhan Asgarov died on the spot from a bullet wound, and another employee, Mahir Imanov, was seriously injured in his right hand and left leg. Another member of the mission, Vasif Tagiyev, attacked the terrorist to disarm him and engaged in hand-to-hand combat with him. While an embassy officer was neutralizing the terrorist, the attacker fired from a machine gun and wounded him in the shoulder. However, Vasif Tagiyev continued to fight the terrorist and managed to snatch the magazine from the machine gun. At this time, the terrorist pulled out a pistol from his jacket and opened fire, this time wounding Tagiyev in the chin (later, when inspecting the territory of the embassy, a Colt pistol was found, which the attacker dropped). Despite the injury, Tagiev managed to draw the criminal out the embassy building.

Despite the fact that the terrorist entered the embassy by force, fired continuously inside the building, and an employee of the embassy called for help to neutralize the terrorist, the Iranian policeman, who was on duty at the front door, not only did not intervene, but left his post and left territory.

The terrorist, who was taken out of the embassy building, took out a spare magazine from his jacket pocket and inserted it into the machine gun. After gesturing twice to someone, he began to fire continuously at the front door of the embassy and the windows of apartments in the mission building, where family members of diplomats live. During this time, the terrorist set fire to the tires of the car belonging to the embassy twice with a combustible substance that he had brought with him.

Seeing that the strong front door was difficult to open with automatic weapons, the terrorist tried to break the door with a sledgehammer, which he took out of the trunk of a car, and entered the embassy a second time to kill diplomats and their families. Tagiev threw a fire extinguisher at the attacker, who tried to climb to the second floor of the embassy, and wounded him in the head (these moments were not recorded by surveillance cameras), as a result of which the terrorist was forced to leave the building.

Once on the street, the attacker once again pointed to people standing in the distance and lowered his machine gun. Taking advantage of the fact that the police did not intervene, the terrorist again tried to set fire to the car of the representative office with a combustible mixture such as a Molotov cocktail, which he had brought with him. And only when the attacker set himself on fire through negligence, the police reacted to the events.

At the same time, the police were in no hurry to detain the terrorist, they spoke to him, treated him not like a criminal and took a wait-and-see attitude. Taking advantage of the situation, the terrorist wandered around for some time, insulting the diplomats of the embassy, threatening them and shouting: "I will kill you all!" The police did not react in any way to such behavior, after which the terrorist freely walked to the building, took a sledgehammer, with which he broke out the door, and put it in his car.

Then he began to insist that Tagiev, who was watching from the window of the embassy and demanding his arrest, go downstairs, and when Tagiev went down, he began to threaten him again and tried to attack him.

Only then did the police handcuff the terrorist, put him in a car and leave the area. Attention was also drawn to the fact that at that time an unknown person in a mask took unknown objects from the terrorist's car and left the scene.

It should also be noted that in recent days, in some social networks and media resources, false information and speculation regarding the chronology of the terrorist attack have been circulated. The main reason for this is incorrect timing references in the videos. In this regard, we inform you that the embassy surveillance cameras showing the street indicate the time, which is 24 minutes ahead of the real time. This variation in time is due to technical factors.

And the fact that the terrorist chose Friday for the attack - (a day off in Iran), is rather to minimize the circumstances that could interfere with him - he arrived at the scene with a whole arsenal - an AK assault rifle with spare clips, a Colt pistol, incendiary with a mixture, a sledgehammer and other means of attack, with the complete non-interference of the Iranian police. All these factors give serious reasons to believe that the attack was planned in advance," the ministry said.