Vardanyan flees Karabakh for Russia

Politics Materials 7 February 2023 16:48 (UTC +04:00)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 7. Armenian Graparak newspaper says that Ruben Vardanyan, a fugitive Russian billionaire of Armenian origin, who took over separatists in Karabakh, has left for Russia.

According to the newspaper, the so-called “president” of separatists in Karabakh also paid a visit to Moscow “to hold meetings at various government levels” and “to clarify Russia’s position” in regard with separatist regime in Karabakh.

Vardanyan has arrived in Moscow just after, and, apparently, he is still there. As Graparak says, he was invited for political consultations on the internal issues of the separatist regime.

Meanwhile, peaceful protest on the Lachin-Khankendi road against the illicit exploitation of Azerbaijan's mineral resources in the area of Russian peacekeepers' temporary deployment has been going on for 58 days. And over this time, Armenians have repeatedly blamed Azerbaijan for an alleged “blockade” of the road, for creating “humanitarian crisis” for Armenians. Not only there is no “blocked”, which dozens of cars moving along the road all day long prove, but “humanitarian crisis” has been fabricated as well.

The question arises, how these two could have left Karabakh, if Azerbaijan, as they claim, has blocked the only way out for Armenians in Khankendi?

One thing is clear that, no matter how Vardanyan has left Karabakh, whether in a trunk of a car or in a suitcase or maybe as a "humanitarian cargo", he is not coming back, and even if he tries, he will end up in the worst case scenario.