Armenia, Iran prepare to attack Azerbaijan’s Lachin, Gubadli

Politics Materials 8 February 2023 18:46 (UTC +04:00)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 8. Armenian Armed Forces, jointly with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), are preparing for an attack on Azerbaijan’s Lachin and Gubadli districts.

According to the information obtained by Trend from diplomatic sources, a specially trained IRGC sabotage group, formed mainly of ethnic Azerbaijanis, is currently located in the immediate proximity of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, on the territory of the Syunik district. Together with employees of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia and the National Security Service, IRGC is conducting preparatory work for the attack.

The sabotage group plans to organize two consecutive attacks in the direction of the Lachin and Gubadli districts of Azerbaijan. The first attack on one of the posts of the Azerbaijani army will be carried out by a group of servicemen in the uniform of the Armed Forces of Armenia, who are tasked with "destroying the enemy's manpower".

The second group, apparently, will be disguised as Azerbaijani soldiers attacking the so-called "Armenian military post". At the same time, the video footage will be prepared, capturing scenes of the murder of alleged "Armenian soldiers", while "soldiers" will be speaking Azerbaijani.

Obviously, Armenians are aimed at fabricating another "act of aggression" against Azerbaijan and the "atrocities" of the Azerbaijani army to later present this "evidence" to the EU and other international organizations.

Moreover, the planned provocation on the border should create a legal basis for the deployment of the Iranian armed forces on the territory of Armenia.

Armenia has repeatedly accused Azerbaijan of violating the ceasefire. For instance, the Armenian deputy foreign minister has accused Azerbaijan in September 2022 of intending to take control of the Iranian-Armenian border, which caused Iran to conduct military exercises on the border with Azerbaijan.

It is necessary to mention the fact that 30 Iranians arrived in Karabakh via the Lachin road in mid-2022, and are still there. Subsequent investigation confirmed that they were also linked to the IRGC.

The time for carrying out an armed provocation against Azerbaijan has been chosen carefully. Apparently, Armenia and Iran believe that Türkiye, which was hit by a terrible earthquake recently and is currently involved in solving internal problems, will not be able to intervene in the situation. Therefore, they seek to use a favorable chance to carry out long-planned military actions against Azerbaijan.