Azerbaijan achieves its goal, Armenia should reconsider continuing provocations

Politics Materials 15 May 2023 13:23 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan achieves its goal, Armenia should reconsider continuing provocations
Tahmaz Asadov
Tahmaz Asadov
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 15. The shelling of Azerbaijani positions by Armenia on the conditional Azerbaijani-Armenian border for several days is another attempt by official Yerevan to deactivate peace talks, Trend reports.

Armenia's use of attack drones provided by Iran, D-30 howitzers, and new military equipment from other patrons, and the fact that Armenia openly reveals its plans for invasion [to Azerbaijan], show that peace, stability and regional security aren’t a priority for Yerevan. All steps in this direction are another game of the leadership of Armenia.

Yerevan is only accelerating its own fall into the abyss, hoping that the attack UAVs donated by Iran to Armenia for use against Azerbaijan will be able to change the geopolitical consequences of the sharp imbalance between the army of Azerbaijan and Armenian armed forces.

The targeted destruction of the Armenian military infrastructure by the Azerbaijani army in response to Armenia’s provocation, and the UAV control center once again confirmed that Armenia won't be able to resist Azerbaijan, and its sabotage attempts each time only result in the killing of Armenian soldiers.

It’s absolutely clear that Yerevan planned to influence the outcome of the meeting in Brussels with its military provocations and to strengthen its positions in the negotiations.

Yerevan is well aware that this is a big blow to the peace talks, and this course of events proves that Armenia has not yet abandoned its occupation policy, whilst Baku proved its readiness for peace.

The former geopolitical realities do not exist. Having ended the 30-year occupation in 44 days [2020 Second Karabakh War], Azerbaijan managed to completely change the situation in the region in its favor, and moreover, the world accepted these realities of the post-conflict period.

Azerbaijan was able to convince the West and the US that it is interested in peace. This result will allow Azerbaijan to severely suppress Armenia's plans for escalation.

Baku's expectations from Armenia, which is trying to boycott the peace agenda, weren’t too high at the meeting in Brussels. However, this does not bother Baku in the current situation. Azerbaijan is strengthening its position on all platforms, obtaining beneficial results for itself.

Yerevan, which once again demonstrated a destructive position at the talks in Washington and Brussels, is preparing for another manipulation at the meetings in Moscow and Chisinau.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan continues imitating peace negotiations. His order to his army to attack the positions of Azerbaijan only resulted in an adequate response from the country.

The Armenian leadership should be careful of continuing such actions, because in the future it may face an even sharper response from Azerbaijan. This complies with international law. Ensuring territorial integrity, protecting it, as well as taking preventive measures against threats, force Azerbaijan, like any other state in such a situation, to take appropriate steps, and Pashinyan and his team should think about who will get worse from this.

On the evening of May 10, units of the Armenian armed forces, using various types of small arms, committed a deliberate provocation against the positions of the Azerbaijani army in the direction of Zod settlement. As a result of the target fire, the serviceman of the Azerbaijani army Muslim Mahmudlu was seriously wounded in the head.

Starting from the morning of May 11, the Armenian troops making the situation even tenser, from the positions in the direction of Zod settlement have carried out mortar shelling against the Azerbaijan Army's opposite positions, following which Azerbaijani serviceman of the extra active military service of the Azerbaijani army Orkhan Novruzalizade.

On the evening of May 12, as a result of the ongoing provocation of the Armenian armed forces, Mahammad Garayev was also killed.

The same day, the Armenian Defense Ministry reported the death of one and the injury of another one of its servicemen as a result of a provocation by the Armenian Armed Forces.

On May 14, the Armenian armed forces units in the Yenikend direction of the Basarkechar region using 60 mm mortars shelled the Azerbaijan Army positions stationed in the direction of Damirchidam settlement of the Kalbajar district.