COP29 Organizing Committee holds its fourth meeting (PHOTO)

Politics Materials 3 June 2024 19:52 (UTC +04:00)
COP29 Organizing Committee holds its fourth meeting (PHOTO)
Asif Mehman
Asif Mehman
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 3. The Organizing Committee convened its fourth meeting in preparation for the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29), Trend reports.

Samir Nuriyev, Head of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, provided an overview of the progress made in implementing the Action Plan for COP29 in alignment with President Ilham Aliyev's directives since the last meeting.

He highlighted Azerbaijan's exemplary leadership under President Ilham Aliyev's guidance in the global fight against climate change. Nuriyev emphasized that President Aliyev's statements and priorities serve as the foundation for Azerbaijan's efforts for COP29, particularly emphasizing the international community's approval of the President's declaration regarding addressing the challenges faced by small island developing states amidst climate change.

The chairman highlighted the COP29 team's efforts to ensure transparency and inclusivity through productive meetings and consultations with various negotiating groups. Azerbaijan aims to foster global solidarity and consensus on the discussed topics.

With the Bonn Climate Change Conference underway, the Chairman emphasized Azerbaijan's active phase in the COP29 chairmanship, urging increased efforts from state structures for its success.

Recognizing civil society's contributions, Samir Nuriyev noted endorsements from approximately 130 NGOs from Africa and several NGOs at the G7 Civil Society Summit in Italy, supporting Azerbaijan as the host country of COP29.

Mukhtar Babayev, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources and President-designate of COP29, provided an update on preparations for the event and the Bonn Climate Change Conference. He highlighted planned events aligned with COP29's vision and initiatives.

Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov discussed meetings and consultations with various countries and negotiating groups, as well as the agenda and document status for COP29.

Rovshan Najaf, President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), addressed the company's green agenda and efforts to reduce emissions across its business lines.

Chairperson of the State Committee for Family, Women, and Children Affairs, Bahar Muradova, touched upon the role of women in climate action.

Chairman of the State Customs Committee Shahin Baghirov made a report on the regulation of customs issues during the event and the application of accelerated customs clearance procedures for delegations and their cargoes.

The chairman of the State Agency for Tourism, Fuad Nagiyev, spoke about hotels and other accommodation facilities and recently introduced a unified online reservation platform.

MP Konul Nurullayev provided an update on parliamentary efforts related to COP29, including plans for a parliamentary conference in collaboration with the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Chairperson of the Women, Development, and Future Public Union, Gulshan Akhundova, addressed the role of non-governmental organizations in supporting COP29 initiatives.

In closing, tasks were assigned to continue implementing the Action Plan of COP29 and address other pertinent matters.

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