Results of parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan on 11.00 a.m.

Preliminary results of CEC on the results of elections to the Parliament for 11.00 a.m.

1 Sharur вЂ" Sadarak вЂ" Vasif РўР°lybov-71.99% - elected

2 Sharur- Isa habibbeyli вЂ" 67.53% - elected

3 BabekвЂ"РљРµngerli constituency вЂ" Sattar Mehbaliyev вЂ" 65.96% - leader

4 Nakhchevan city вЂ" Eldar Ibragimov вЂ" 70.81% - elected

5 Shahbuz-Babek вЂ" Siyavush Novruzov -69.86% - elected

6 Djulfa-Babek Ismayil Hadjiyev-67.79% - elected

7 Ordubad вЂ"Djulfa- Akram Aylisli вЂ" 68.01% - elected

8 I Binagady- Elshad Abdullayev вЂ" 29.08% - elected

9 II Binagady вЂ" Israfil Aliyev вЂ" 36.39% - elected

10 III Binagady вЂ" Madar Musayev вЂ" 44.36% - elected

11 Garadag вЂ" Murtuz Aleskerov - 40.23% - leader

12 Garadag-Binagadi вЂ"Yasamal вЂ" Michail Zabelin вЂ" 23.96% - elected

13 I Azizbayov вЂ" Rauf Aliyev вЂ" 48.04% - elected

14 II Azizbayov вЂ" Mehriban Aliyeva вЂ" 92.12% - elected

15 I Yasamal вЂ" Guler Ahmadova вЂ" 25.67% - elected

16 II Yasamal - Abel Maherramov вЂ" 37.66% - elected

17 III Yasamal - Lala Shovkat Hajiyeva вЂ" 38.23% - leader

18 Narimanov-Nizami Alishar Musayev вЂ" 30.01% - leader

19 I Narimanov вЂ" Ali Ahmadov вЂ" 29.57% - elected

20 II Narimanov вЂ" Adil Guliyev - 47.45% - leader

21 I Nasimi вЂ" Ulvi Guliyev - 35.66% - elected

22 II Nasimi вЂ" Asim Mollazade вЂ" 33.57% - elected

23 Nasimi-Sabayil вЂ" Ziyad Samedzade вЂ" 27.21% - elected

24 I Nizami вЂ" Rovnag Abdullayev вЂ" 58.96% - elected

25 II Nizami вЂ" Huseyn Abdullayev вЂ" 54.93% - leader

26 I Sabunchi вЂ" Fazil Gazanfaroglu вЂ" 34.44% - elected

27 II Sabunchi вЂ" Farrukh Zeynalov вЂ" 38.44% - elected

28 III Sabunchi вЂ" Eldar Guliyev вЂ" 53.69% - elected

29 Sabayil вЂ" Fuad Muradov - 22.31% - elected

30 I Surakhani - Anar Mammadkhanov вЂ" 47.81% - leader

31 II Surakhani вЂ" Ali Garakhanov - 46.18% - leader

32 III Surakhani вЂ" Agajan Abiyev вЂ" 56.08% - elected

33 I Khatai вЂ" Huseynbala Miralimov вЂ" 38.0% - leader

34 II Khatai вЂ" Nasib Nasibli вЂ" 32.74% - leader

35 III Khatai вЂ" Igbal Agazade вЂ" 32.82% - elected

36 IV Khatai вЂ" Samed Seyidov вЂ" 32.69% - leader

37 I Nizami (Ganja) Aydin Abbasov вЂ" 57.06% - elected

38 II Nizami (Ganja) Ruslan Gurbanov вЂ" 32.69% - leader

39 I Kapaz (Ganja) Vidadi Mammadov вЂ" 32.04% - elected

40 II Kapaz (Ganja) Musa Guliyev вЂ" 39.35% - elected

41 I Sumgayit - Ikram Israfilov вЂ" 18.52% - elected

42 II Sumgayit - Hijran Husseynova вЂ" 32.84 - leader

43 III Sumgayit вЂ" Nizami Isgandarov вЂ" 24.53% - elected

44 Sumgayit вЂ"Absheron вЂ" Tofig Husseynli вЂ" 39.93% - elected

45 Absheron вЂ" Oktai Asadov вЂ" 56.14% - elected

46 Ali-Bayramly вЂ" Azay Guliyev вЂ" 61.91% - leader

47 Mingachevir вЂ" Aydin Mirzazade вЂ" 44.59% - leader

48 Yevlakh вЂ" Ilham Mammadov вЂ" 57.72% - leader

49 Yevlakh вЂ"Mingachevir вЂ" Ali Husseynov вЂ" 72.78% - leader

50 Gobustan-Khizi-Guba вЂ" Zeynab Khanlartova вЂ" 35.88 вЂ" leader

51 Gusar вЂ" Khalilbay Goyushov вЂ" 59.38% - leader

52 Guba вЂ" Vahid Ahmadov вЂ" 53.11% - leader

53 Guba-Gusar вЂ" Evda Abramov вЂ" 43.56% - leader

54 Davachi вЂ"Siyazan - Tahir Suleymanov вЂ" 39.31% - leader

55 Khachmaz city вЂ" Lala Abbasova вЂ" 40.18% - elected

56 Khachmaz rural вЂ" Nizami Khudiyev вЂ" 58.09% - elected

57 Kurdamir вЂ" no data provided

58 Hajigabul вЂ"Kurdamir вЂ" Rafael Husseynov вЂ" 53.75% - leader

59 Salyan - Akram Abdullayev - 33,81% - elected

60 Salyan вЂ"Neftchala вЂ" Fazail Agamali вЂ" 52.92% - leader

61 Neftchala вЂ" Arif Rahimzade - 44.07% - elected

62 Saatly вЂ" Jalal Aliyev вЂ" 46.59% - leader

63 I Sabirabad вЂ" no data provided

64 II Sabirabad вЂ"Rustam Khalilov вЂ" 33.03% - elected

65 Saatly вЂ"Sabirabad вЂ"Kurdamir вЂ" Gulhuseyn Ahmadov - 42,65% - elected

66 Bilasuvar вЂ" Khanhuseyn Kazimli вЂ" 38.92% - leader

67 Jalilabad city вЂ" Aydin Hassanov вЂ" 51.52% - elected

68 Jalilabad rural вЂ" Mirkazim Kazimov вЂ" 60.81% - elected

69 Jalilabad вЂ"Masally вЂ"Bilasuvar Gulamhusseyn Alibayli вЂ" 27.46% - leader

70 Masally city вЂ" Ahad Abiyev - 85,2% - elected

71 Masally rural вЂ" Elmira Akhundova вЂ" 31.02% - leader

72 Yardimly-Masally вЂ" Sabir Rustamkhanly вЂ" 53.28% - leader

73 Lankaran city Rufat Guliyev вЂ" 61.19% - elected

74 Lankaran rural Hadi Rajabli вЂ" 53.36% - leader

75 Lankaran-Masally вЂ" Javanshir Pashazade вЂ" 43.06% - leader

76 Lankaran-Astara вЂ" Ziyafet Asgarov вЂ" 72.56% - elected

77 Astara вЂ" Vasif Aliyev вЂ" 42.73% - leader

78 Lerik-Lankaran вЂ" Miri Gambarov вЂ" 54.81% - leader

79 Imishli - Iltizam Akbarli вЂ" 35.65% - leader

80 Imishli-Beylagan - Ahad Ahmadov вЂ" 29.44% - leader

81 Beylagan вЂ" Safar Mammadov вЂ" 44.9% - leader

82 Agjabadi вЂ" Tahir Rzayev вЂ" 34.39% - leader

83 Agjabadi-Agdam Agil Abbas вЂ" 57.05% - leader

84 Fuzuli вЂ" Bahar Muradova вЂ" 60.26% - Р"идер

85 Shamkir вЂ" Magsud Ibrahimov вЂ" 58.22% - elected

86 Ismayilli вЂ" Novruzali Aslanov вЂ" 27.83% - elected

87 Agsu-Ismayilli вЂ" Arastun Javadov вЂ" 70.72% - leader

88 Goychay вЂ" Sabir Hajiyev вЂ" 46.17% - elected

89 Goychay-Agdash вЂ" Shamsaddin Hajiyev вЂ" 73.28% - elected

90 Agdash вЂ" Chingiz Asadullayev вЂ" 60.82% - leader

91 Ujar вЂ" Elton Mammadov вЂ" 86.94% - elected

92 Zardab вЂ"Ujar - Jale Aliyeva - 76,25% - elected

93 Barda city вЂ" Zahid Oruj вЂ" 41.25% - elected

94 Barda rural вЂ" Govhar Bakhshaliyeva вЂ" 60.58% - elected

95 Terter вЂ" Aynur Guliyeva вЂ" 64.15% -leader

96 GoranboyвЂ"Naftalan вЂ" Gultakin Hajiyeva вЂ" 79.51% - elected

97 Goranboy-Agdam-Terter вЂ" Gudrat Hasanguliyev вЂ" 63.85% - elected

98 Shamkir City вЂ" Azer Amiraslanov вЂ" 49.83% - leader

99 Shamkir rural Malahat Hassanova вЂ" 62.46% - elected

100 Shamkir-Dashkesen вЂ" Mubariz Gurbanly вЂ" 48.12% - elected

101 Khanlar-Dashkesan вЂ" Rovshan Rzayev вЂ" 64.3% - elected

102 Samukh-Shamkir вЂ" Valeh Alasgarov вЂ" 69.82% - leader

103 Gadabay - Fakhraddin Gambarov вЂ" 47.82% - leader

104 Gadabay-Tovuz вЂ" Nazim Mammadov вЂ" 65.45% - leader

105 Tovuz вЂ" Ganira Pashayeva вЂ" 63.13% - leader

106 Tovuz-Gazakh вЂ" Ilgar Gilijov вЂ" 39.64% - elected

107 Gazakh вЂ" Vagif Samedoglu вЂ" 41.88% - elected

108 Akstafa вЂ" Nizami Jafarov вЂ" 55.01% - elected

109 Balakan вЂ" Rabuyyat Aslanova вЂ" 49.24% - elected

110 Zagatala вЂ" Hikmet Atayev вЂ" 44.62% - elected

111 Zagatala-Balakan вЂ" Dunyamin Khalilov вЂ" 32.3% - leader

112 Gakh вЂ" Azer Karimli вЂ" 34.98% - elected

113 Shaki City вЂ" Ali Masimov вЂ" 33.97% - elected

114 I Sheki rural вЂ" Yagub Mahmudov вЂ" 46.89% - elected

115 II Sheki rural вЂ" Maglum Shukurov вЂ" 32.13% - leader

116 Gabala вЂ" Fattah Heydarov вЂ" 73.89% - leader

117 Oguz-Gabala - Eyvaz Gurbanov вЂ" 56.52% - elected

118 Agdam city вЂ" Bakhtiyar Aliyev вЂ" 64.65% - leader

119 Agdam rural вЂ" Bakhtiyar Sadigov вЂ" 42.86% - leader

120 Jabrayil вЂ" Gubadly - Astan Shahverdiyev вЂ" 51.06% - leader

121 Lachin вЂ" Sevinj Khatamov вЂ" 45.88% - leader

122 Khankandi вЂ" Havva Mammadova вЂ" 54.38% - leader

123 Kelbajar - Javid Gurbanov вЂ" 75.55% - leader

124 Shusha-Fuzuli-Khojavand вЂ" Elchin Mammadov вЂ" 48.38% - leader

125 Zangilan-Gubadly вЂ" Namik Dadashov вЂ" 17.22% - leader

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Azerbaijan expands satellite service geography
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Azerbaijani satellite operator launches new project
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Kyrgyzstan calls to create single virtual database of drugs for Turkic Council
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