No Azeri citizen is in search with special grief under Nat’l Central Bureau of Interpol вЂ" head of Nat’l Bureau of Interpol

Interview with Major General Madat Guliyev, the head of the National Central Bureau of Interpol in Azerbaijan

Question: What crimes can be a subject of search through Interpol and how are the inquiries made to National Central Bureaus of different countries?

Answer: In compliance with the Charter of the General Secretariat of Interpol, except people who committed political, military, religious and rice crimes, all criminals can be put in search. In whole the searches are held by 9 colors вЂ" red, black, yellow, blue, orange. Those in search by black are dead-bodies, yellow вЂ" missing people, orange вЂ" detention and extradition of terrorists to the initiator-country, red вЂ" different criminals. Addressing an inquiry in connection with the search Рѕf any criminal, the local law-enforcement bodies should have full information on the crime, as well as the country where the criminal could hide.

Interpol has national central bureaus in 184 countries, however, we do not appeal
directly to the countries in connection with the criminals. In accordance with the Charter, the data are first directed to the General Secretariat based in a French city Lion. The color of the search is also defined by the initiator country. The Examination Department of the General Secretariat checks and adopts the color of search, after which the inquiry is disseminated in 184 countries.

Question: What countries more closely cooperate with the National Central Bureau of Azerbaijan?

Answer: As I noted, the General Secretariat of Interpol has national central bureaus in 184 countries. It means, in compliance with the number of member-states, Interpol ranks as second after the UN. Earlier Azerbaijan did not have wide relationships with the international world and a man who committed a crime within the country and disappeared was at least in search in Russia. However, today the criminals can escape out of borders of Azerbaijan. So, the relations of the National Central Bureau with other countries become closer and closer. The cooperation with Turkey is closer, as there is big flow from Azerbaijan to this country. Roughly 35% of all actions fell on Turkey, while 64% - on other countries.

Question: How many people are in search at present through Interpol, and what crimes did they commit?

Answer: Firstly, I’d note that when I was appointed head of the National Central Bureau in 2004 only 20 people were in search. The recommendations by Interior Minister Usubov concerning the activities of the National Central Bureau were fulfilled and the relationships with the local law-enforcement bodies have become intensive. The steps taken in this respect yielded its results. At present the National Central Bureau conducts search of 120 people. Though the number of detained was 9 last year, over 10 months of 2005 the figure has doubled.

Question: Are there Azerbaijani citizens under search of Interpol trough special grief?

Answer: No. Today no Azerbaijani citizen is in search by the National Central Bureau of Interpol by special grief. Moreover, ex-Speaker Rasul Guliyev, who is made of artificial clamor, is also in search as an ordinary criminal.

Question: What was the reason for failure of extradition of ex-Speaker Rasul Guliyev?

Answer: Guliyev’s law-defenders very well know that under the Charter the Interpol can reject arrest of people if political color is given to the search. Through obtaining asylum in another country, as well as different means, they achieve political color to the search of some people. Today the US State Department has presented a political shelter to Guliyev. However, it does not mean that Interpol will not arrest Guliyev. On 17 October he was arrested by employees of the National Central Bureau of Interpol based in Ukraine. As to extradition of the arrested, in compliance with the Charter of the General Secretariat it is under the competence of the Interpol and further Interpol becomes only an observer, while the court institutes legal proceedings. In accordance with the law, Ukraine was to extradite Guliyev to Azerbaijan. The jury of the court involved in the case was of absolutely different composition. However, a bit prior to the legal proceedings it was changed without showing any reasons. A number of gross violations were made during the hearings. All documents submitted to the court by the law-enforcement bodies were proper, whereas the judge, arguing the absence of a signature by an investigator in the document produced, made an unfair sentence contradicting the international rule of law. As a result there were offered all facilities for Guliyev’s departure from Ukraine.

Besides, Guliyev raised a clamor as though Azerbaijan Air Lines (AZAL) state company did not allow his airliner to land. It is more like a tale. If Guliyev wanted he could flew by ordinary flight. I have recently read in a website of BBC an interview with one colonel who wanted to travel Azerbaijan with Guliyev. “No one hindered us to fly to Azerbaijan, while Guliyev after a telephone talk with someone changed his decision and when the airliner landed in Simferopol [Ukraine] he said that they had to be back

The Armenian Diaspora, senators, who hold aggressive position in regard to Azerbaijan, keep the criminals, who betrayed the Motherland, like Guliyev, under their control. Similar problems exist in detention and extradition of Mahir Javadov, who also committed grave crime. But I strongly believe that Guliyev, Javadov and others will be arrested and extradited to Azerbaijan to be made answerable for the crimes they perpetrated.

As you know, the assassinators of Acad. Ziya Bunyadov, Tariyel Ramazanov, Javanshir Aslanov, Elchin Dadayev were put for international search through the National Central Bureau. Unfortunately, the place is unknown and therefore, they have not been arrested and handed in the law-enforcement bodies.

Question: What could you tell us about search of assassinators of Elmar Husseynov, the editor-in-chief of Monitor magazine, Teymuraz Aliyev and Tair Khubanov?

Answer: The Azerbaijan National Security Ministry sent an inquiry to the National Central Bureau in June 2005 in connection with these people. We immediately organize search in 60 countries and in accordance with the Charter the documents collected were sent to the General Secretariat. An examination was held within 20 days and after an inquiry was disseminated in 184 countries in connection with the criminals. Unfortunately, we have not received a positive reply thus far. Their photos were also disseminated through Interpol. As to non-dissemination of photos in media, any journalist can appeal to the body involved in the investigation into the case, but not Interpol.

Question: What steps are taken on inquiries, entering the National Central Bureau of Interpol in Azerbaijan?

Answer: Last we filled in an inquiry on a citizen of Turkey, a journalist, Elif Pelit, who was accused of relations with PKK. He was detained while attempting to pass the Azerbaijani borders illegally. The court sentenced a fine sanction on him and he was released. However, we anew arrested Pelit on the base of an inquiry addressed to the National Central Bureau of Interpol. The court has recently issued a verdict on his extradition to Turkey.

Question: How many women are among criminals in search of the National Central Bureau and what crimes did they commit?

Answer: Approximately 10% of all criminals in search are women, who are mainly charged in fraud. Such crimes mainly date to 1988-1993. You know, it was the period when chaos reigned in the country.

Question: What objects are the subjects of search as a rule?

Answer: The criminals obtain benefits from trafficking of weapons, drug, people and antique things. We mainly have problems during the search of antique things. For instance, antiquary is hidden in any museum. However, even the museum does not possess necessary information on the thing to announce a search. I mean, photos, weight, material it was made of, date it is referred. Nevertheless, on the base of appeals which came from local law-enforcement bodies, in some cases we reveal and return the things to Azerbaijan through the channels of Interpol.

Question: In what countries employees of the National Central Bureau improve their skills?

Answer: Interior Minister Ramil Usubov always keeps under control the improvement of the professional skills of employees in line with the international standards. Employees of the National Central Bureau should be well educated, skillful, and have good command in foreign languages. The employees of the Center pay business visits to different countries 3-4 times a year, mainly to France, to gain experience, and attend theoretical training.

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